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The View fans slam Whoopi Goldberg for her ‘rude and gross’ behavior that ‘could’ve waited until after live show’

The View fans slam Whoopi Goldberg for her ‘rude and gross’ behavior that ‘could’ve waited until after live show’

WHOOPI Goldberg has come under fire with fans over her on-air behavior during Wednesday’s episode of The View.

Viewers have called out the host for talking with her mouth full and begged her to “stop” doing that on the show.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg appeared to be eating during her live talk show on Wednesday[/caption]

ABCThe View moderator seemed to be chewing on something upon the show returning from a commercial break[/caption]

Whoopi has previously been slammed for eating on the show during non-food-related segments, with fans calling it “gross.”

This hasn’t seemed to affect the host, though, as she once again was seen chewing something when the show returned from a commercial break toward the end of Wednesday’s broadcast.

As the View moderator, it was Whoopi’s responsibility to welcome viewers back to The View and introduce them to the next segment.

Still eating whatever she had grabbed during the break, the Till actress spoke wth food in her mouth.

One annoyed fan demanded on Twitter: “Ugh, stop with the chewing, Whoopi.”

Another angrily asked: “What is Whoopi eating?!”

A third slammed: “#TheView only lasts 1 hour. 

“Surely one can wait that long before eating and trying to talk with a mouth full!”

Earlier in the episode, fans were shocked after witnessing another moment of surprising behavior involving Whoopi.

The moderator was in the middle of discussing a political topic when she all of a sudden admitted to everyone that she had some “gas.”

The in-studio audience erupted in laughter.

Fans at home immediately began tweeting about whether or not Whoopi had just farted on live TV.

One asked: “Ughhh!!! Spare me. Wait! Did Whoopi just pass gas?”

A second said: “Wait did Whoopi just fart on national tv?”

A third fan wrote: “That was gas!”

Another fan explained, however, that Whoopi had actually “burped,” but added that the hosts “are soooo loud and talking over each other” it was hard to hear.

ABCFans slammed Whoopi for not being able to wait until the hour-long broadcast was over[/caption]

ABCViewers have previously called out the moderator for eating while hosting the show[/caption]

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