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Teen Mom fans are concerned over Farrah Abraham’s ‘bizarre’ behavior in new live video with daughter Sophia, 14

Teen Mom fans are concerned over Farrah Abraham’s ‘bizarre’ behavior in new live video with daughter Sophia, 14

FARRAH Abraham has hosted a new livestream, but fans found themselves worried by the way she acted throughout.

The Teen Mom star went Live on TikTok with her 14-year-old daughter Sophia, and viewers stated that they thought her behavior to be “scary.”

Instagram/ Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham’s followers became unsettled after the star acted unusually in a TikTok livestream[/caption]

TikTok / Farrah AbrahamViewers of the recording said that Farrah seemed to be ‘on fast forward,’ and suggested that she was ‘not ok’[/caption]

During the Live, Farrah, 31, skipped between topics and talked quickly without pause.

While the video was centered around Sophia’s hair and makeup routine, mom Farrah kept chatting during the tutorial.

At one point she pretended to capture viewers in a napkin she held in front of the camera, while intermittently asking for monetary gifts.

She also made various sounds during the recording, and sang and rapped her own lyrics loudly to music playing in the background.

Toward the end of the session she began head banging to her singing, and when Sophia began saying goodbye to the viewers she grabbed her daughters arms to encourage her to dance.

A concerned follower was quick to post a recording of the Live to Reddit, prompting many fans to voice their worries.

One commenter summarized: “This is so bizarre.”

“I’m genuinely concerned for Sophia (and Farrah). Farrah is not ok. Someone needs to step in for them both,” added another.

A third forum user added: “It’s like she’s on fast forward. That’s not normal behavior.”

One worried fan stated: “Farrah is scary in this video. Sophia is cute and I feel bad for her since she has Farrah for a mom.”

Some people also pointed out how Farrah often interjected in her daughter’s video, or physically moved her around the frame.

One such person wrote: “The chaos oh my GOD. She gets really weird and unhinged when she’s not in the frame with Sophia or Sophia is getting more attention on the lives. I didn’t like that energy. At all.”

“Farrah is trying to live VICARIOUSLY through Sophia and it’s EXTREMELY sad,” voiced another.


This isn’t the first time fans have questioned Farrah’s actions on social media, particularly where they concern her teenaged daughter.

Recently, Farrah did a similar live on TikTok in which she encouraged her top gifters to continue sending money and gifts, and gave shoutouts to those who did.

For the most part, Sophia did not say anything while Farrah continued to call out names of followers who pledged gifts.

“Sophia is 14 ya’ll! She just had her birthday. And I guess I think we’re going to be going soon because I have a date and the haters need to talk to themselves,” Farrah exclaimed as Sophia stared into the camera from behind her.

Critics on Reddit noted how uncomfortable the teen looked, with one writing: “Sophia is a prop to her. She merely exists in the background. Poor kid.”

“I feel for Sophia. I hope she’s planning to break free at 12:01am of her 18th birthday,” wrote another.

The star has also come under fire for her parenting decisions, with her decision to gift Sophia with multiple piercings for her 14th birthday raising many eyebrows.

TikTok / Farrah AbrahamWhile Sophia was supposed to be leading the video, Farrah often took over by edging her out of the frame or making loud sounds in the background[/caption]

Instagram/@farrahabrahamFans previously worried for Sophia after theorizing that she was being used as a ‘prop’ in her mother’s social media content[/caption]

TikTokFarrah’s parenting decisions were slammed after she allowed her daughter to get multiple piercings for her 14th birthday[/caption]

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