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Love Island reunion will explode after WhatsApp snub reveals ex Islander

Love Island reunion will explode after WhatsApp snub reveals ex Islander

LOVE Island star Anna-May Robey has promised there will be fireworks at the reunion after shock WhatsApp snub.

The Welsh reality star, 20, left the villa in the first few weeks after Australian bombshells Aaron and Jessie picked her and Haris Namani to be dumped in a double elimination.

Anna-May Robey promised there will be fireworks at the reunion showSplashThe Welsh beauty said the WhatsApp group has been almost inactiveITV

Just days after the second winter series ended, Anna-May has revealed that there is almost no activity on the Love Island WhatsApp group, saying that there is a “division” among her co-stars.

“We do have a WhatsApp group but it’s not really been going off very much,” she told the Mirror.

“Everybody’s kind of gone their separate ways already – or maybe there’s a divide.”

Anna-May hinted that the reunion will “kick off” as all the Islanders come face-to-face for the first time.

“I’m so excited to see everyone at the reunion next week, maybe things could change,” she said.

“I feel like a few things might be said, or some things might kick off in the reunion.”

“Especially if we’ve got a little bit of an afterparty.”

Staying out of the drama, the brunette beauty said she’s on “good terms” with her fellow Islanders but has formed closer friendships with some.

“I’d probably spend more time with Ellie, Zara and Olivia, the people I was closest to in there,” she said.

There has been plenty of drama and fallouts this series – with some of the Islanders taking to social media to spill the tea.

Casey O’Gorman spoke about his ‘feud’ with Will Young after they clashed live on Aftersun.

A row erupted on Sunday’s instalment of Aftersun when Will branded his “brother” Casey a “snake” after he watched an unseen clip of him bad-mouthing his relationship with girlfriend Jessie Wynter.

Love Island fans are keen to know if they boys are still friends, with one asking Casey: “How did Will react after seeing the clip from Love Island on Aftersun?”

Casey said: “Yes me and Will are fine, we flew back last night together with Rosie and Jessie.

“It’s all sweet, there was a couple of conversations that did get missed out there, I did tell Will after what I thought of the conversation between me and Jessie, pretty much straight away.

“He was well aware of my thoughts of that conversation, so yeah we’re good, we’re all fine and I’m excited to see him at the reunion!”

While some fans thought winner Sanam Harrinanan appeared to ‘snub’ Tanya and Shaq after winning the £50,000 cash prize with partner Kai Fagan.

And Olivia Hawkins and Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown will face each other after their on/off feud on the show.

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