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GMA’s Ginger Zee sparks concern as star admits she’s stranded in dangerous location

GMA’s Ginger Zee sparks concern as star admits she’s stranded in dangerous location

GOOD Morning America’s GINGER Zee has sparked concern among her GMA co-hosts and fans.

She admitted on live TV that she is stranded in a dangerous location that just had a major winter storm.

GMA’s Ginger Zee sparks concern as she is stranded in a dangerous locationABCShe told Robin Roberts that her ride back had not arrived yetABC

On Wednesday’s show, Robin Roberts told viewers that Ginger was in Albany, New York, where more than a foot of snow fell overnight.

The camera then cut to Ginger, who was bundled up in a heavy, red winter coat with her hood up, black pants, boots, a hat, and gloves.

She let everyone know that the snow was “wet, heavy, and super dense.”

A little bit of snow was still falling down as the meteorologist let New Yorkers know that there was still more storms ahead.

Ginger informed viewers on the east coast that if they aren’t having storms right now, that they should be concerned about the wind.

When the 42-year-old was done her forecast, she turned it back to Robin.

“Ginger, wasn’t it difficult to get to your location this morning?” Robin asked.

She nodded and told her co-host: “So, that’s the thing. We came in last night, we were in the rain. But, the person who was supposed to be taking me back has not arrived yet, so yes, the roads are keeping people very slow for sure.”

“Alright. Well, we’re glad that you’re safe,” Robin told her. “Thank you.”


Ginger is out in the cold and snow a lot, so she had to stay bundled up.

She recently revealed the secret clothing she wears under her winter clothes while reporting in snowy weather.

The chief meteorologist shared the secret on Twitter as she covered the latest nor’easter hitting the east coast from northern New York. 

Ginger, 42, shared a video of herself donning a large red coat in Albany, New York, as it snowed steadily around her Tuesday morning. 

“Great to be here! 8-14” around here by the time it’s all said and done later tonight,” she said in the Tweet. 

“Stay safe everyone — and like @RobinRoberts said — don’t start driving now if you don’t need to because we have someone struggling to get to us -/ two hours delayed because of the snow.” 

As several fans of the morning show urged Ginger to be safe herself, one wondered how she stayed warm during her reporting. 

“How does she stay looking warm?” the fan asked via Twitter. 

The GMA meteorologist quickly responded saying she wears a “heated vest” underneath her winter clothes. 

Many fans replied to the revelation, with one saying it was the “smartest bit of fashion” and another writing that they too are a big fan of heated vests. 

Ginger responded again with a single fire emoji, appearing to indicate that she believes the nifty piece of clothing is “fire.” 


Earlier this month, Ginger share some concerning news about the impact of her high-pressure job.

She shared a post onto her Instagram Stories that suggested her career had put her in danger.

Ginger reposted a shocking infographic that suggested that her weather-based job may have impacted her health.

The post claimed: “Trauma from experiencing extreme weather events can alter the way your brain works.”

The 42-year-old shared the worrying image along with her own caption that simply read: “I am in trouble…”

The post itself explained further: “Trauma from experiencing extreme weather events can change the way your brain works, making it harder to process information, according to a new study.

“The new study is important in understanding how natural disasters can affect mental wellness.”

Sometimes Ginger is in the studio where it is warmerABCGinger revealed that she wears a heated vest under her clothes to stay warmABCRobin told Ginger to stay safe amid the winter weatherABC

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