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Farmer Wants a Wife star Ryan Black says farmers ‘deal with a lot of infatuation’ but admirers have a key trait missing

Farmer Wants a Wife star Ryan Black says farmers ‘deal with a lot of infatuation’ but admirers have a key trait missing

FARMER Wants a Wife contestant Ryan Black has shared the key trait he believes many of his admirers tend to be missing.

Black, one of the four farmers hoping to find love on FOX’s new reality show, shared his thoughts on the topic with The U.S. Sun.

Ryan Black is one of four farmers trying to find love on the FOX showBROWNIE HARRIS32 women are vying for the hearts of the four farmersBROWNIE HARRISFarmer Wants a Wife airs on Wednesday nights on FOXNot known, clear with picture desk

Black, 32, is a ranch owner from Gastonia, North Carolina appearing on Farmer Wants a Wife along with Hunter GraysonAllen Foster, and Landon Heaton.

He runs a 44-acre ranch, where he breeds and trains horses.

When it comes to love and dating, Black didn’t hold back.

“We deal with a lot of infatuation,” he told The U.S. Sun.

“We deal with a lot of girls who are attracted to what we do but there’s a lot of authenticity that is missing.”

Black had some differing views from the other farmers, who believed that they had been forgetting to live their lives.

“I would change that [narrative],” he said.

“I think that we got focused on building a life, and now we have a life that we can offer.

“There was a point in my life where I was so focused on a relationship that I wasn’t building a life, and that really was ruining who I wanted to be as a person because I was spending so much time focused on a person instead of building.

“In taking a step back and building my life, coming into this, I was ready and I was set up to offer something to a person and I had become a better human being.

“So I think that we did spend a lot of time building a life, but I think with that building, we had something to offer.

“We were better men for it.”


As far as finding love and developing a relationship, Black’s fellow farmers said that for many years, their most important relationship hasn’t been with a woman.

“We’ve been in a relationship with Mother Nature a whole lot longer than we’ve been in relationships with other people,” said Grayson, 31, told The U.S. Sun.

“She’s a tough one to date but we have to navigate those waters.”

Foster, 32, also shared his belief that it might be difficult for potential matches to understand the realities of the lifestyle.

“I think that’s really hard to accept, especially in this day and age that Mother Nature’s cruel and that’s hard on us.”


But Black shared some thoughts of his own.

“To show appreciation to the dating lifestyle or to the women, I think that those burdens, those ups and those downs, I think that’s part of building a good relationship, especially when your partner goes with you,” he said.

“It’s a relationship that can’t be broken.”

Black also emphasized that for him, when it comes to building a relationship, communication trumps all other traits.

“Regardless if you’re from the city … or the country, communication was like the biggest thing for me,” Black said.

“Because our life is so different, it could be completely different than the girl we may be trying to build a romantic life with.

“As long as there’s communication and understanding, I think we can get through anything.

“We can grow for sure.”


Farmer Wants a Wife originally premiered in the UK back in 2001.

The show has since been produced in over 30 countries.

More than 180 marriages and 400 kids have resulted, Fox has said.

A US version briefly aired on the CW in the spring of 2008.

Now, the farmers are looking for love among a group of 32 ladies broken up into groups of eight per farmer.

The show explores whether a city girl can be happy enough to relocate to the country full-time if she finds her dream man.

The groups of eight will be narrowed down to five per farmer after the first episode.

Then, as the weeks go on, the women stay so long as they feel a connection to their farmer.

There are no eliminations, which is in contrast to similar dating shows like The Bachelor.

Instead, some women will drift away while others will lose interest and decide to leave on their own.

The goal is for each farmer to propose to one woman by the end of the season.

Farmer Wants a Wife airs Wednesday nights on FOX.

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