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Craig Melvin calls out Today guest for ‘snorting’ live on air as actress begs him to move on and just read his script’

Craig Melvin calls out Today guest for ‘snorting’ live on air as actress begs him to move on and just read his script’

CRAIG Melvin has called out Holly Robinson Peete ahead of her interview on the morning show for ‘snorting’.

On Tuesday’s episode of Today 3rd Hour, Craig, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer were setting up an interview with the famous guest and her husband.

Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer interviewed Holly Robinson Peete on Today 3rd HourNBCWhile Dylan introduced the guests, Craig made fun of Holly for ‘snorting’NBC

Dylan introduced the next segment as soon as the morning show returned from commercial.

She began: “Valentine’s Day may have been last month, but our next guests are trying to make some love connections.”

This prompted some laughter from the guests.

Craig, looking off-camera to Holly, quipped, “Did you just snort?”

He assumed it was her making the noise as Dylan read off the introduction.

He laughed, saying “Holly Robinson Peete just snorted?”

“Would you just read the script?” Holly shot back as she couldn’t stop giggling on her own.

Craig then attempted to get back on course for the interview.

“Holly Robinson Peete! She’s been a staple on our screens for decade, of course, with 21 Jump Street, my personal favorite Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper…” Craig trailed off as Sheinelle took over.

Sheineille introduced her husband, former professional football player Rodney Peete, as they moved on with the actual interview.

The rest of the segment went as normal, though Craig still had a few cases of the giggles.


Meanwhile, Craig called out his co-host Dylan Dreyer for a bizarre habit change that she’s trying outside of work.

During Tuesday’s episode of 3rd Hour, Craig and Dylan were joined by Sheinelle Jones as they marked Pi Day.

As the trio sat at the desk, they had an array of delicious-looking pies

“We have quite the spread here,” Sheinelle announced as 41-year-old Dylan butted in and declared: “Yes! It’s hard to eat healthy on this show!”

Literally! It’s 9:01 and here we go! So today is March 14th which means it is Pi Day!” Sheinelle continued, before adding: “So we’re celebrating with pies! This is from Bubby’s here in New York, have you ever had Bubby’s?”

“Oh God!” Craig, 43, blurted out as he tucked into a plate of pie.

“What did you say you’re doing for Lent?” Sheinelle then asked Dylan as she replied: “I gave up sweets after dinner.”

Craig burst out laughing and asked Dylan: “What kind of nonsense is that?!”

“It’s like when you make your own rules,” Sheinelle, 44, said as Dylan explained her decision.

“I love sugar after dinner, right, like I’ll have a bowl of ice cream before bed, but for Lent, I gave up that sweet after dinner,” Dylan said, before describing it as a “sacrifice.”

“I don’t even have like a chocolate milk after dinner!” Dylan added as Craig continued laughing.

Sheinelle mocked: “But this peanut butter pie at 9:01!” as Dylan tucked into her slice.

“This sour cherry is delicious,” she then said as Craig teased: “Well just make sure you eat it all now because you can’t have any in 12 hours!”


Last week, Craig was noticeably absent from the third hour for several days.

On Friday, Craig took to his Instagram to share photos from his recent vacation and updated concerned fans on his whereabouts.

The Today Show co-host captioned the post: “Been laid up this week with a nasty virus but gives me time to post some pics [of] our wonderful recent family getaway.”

He continued: “There’s a thing called winter break in the northeast for kids. It’s for adults too. Enjoy the weekend, y’all.”

The social media post included snapshots of Craig’s children enjoying their St. Lucia Caribbean Islands holiday.

Images of the tropical scenery and the tranquil ocean horizon were also featured in the post.

The broadcaster’s followers rushed to the post’s comment section to wish him well.

One person wrote: “Feel better!!” while another fan commented: “Get rest and be well soon.”

And a third fan stated: “Hope you’re feeling better very soon.”

Holly couldn’t stop laughing as she told Craig to stick to the scriptNBCBoth had a case of the giggles as the segment continuedNBCAfterward, things got back to normal, though Craig was still laughing here and thereNBC

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