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1000-lb Sisters fans are upset after new teaser reveals heartbreaking news about show’s future

1000-lb Sisters fans are upset after new teaser reveals heartbreaking news about show’s future

A NEW preview for an episode of 1000-lb Sisters has fans upset after it revealed the show’s future.

The clip was shared on Tuesday on the TLC network’s social media to tease this week’s episode.

1000-lb Sisters fans expressed their disappointment after a teaser revealed that there was only one episode left in the seasonTLCThe news comes only weeks after the latest season beganTLC

It showed Tammy Slaton, 36, gearing up to reveal the news of her engagement to her then fiancé Caleb Willingham to her family.

She flashed her sparkly diamond engagement ring at the camera before the clip teased her sisters, Amy, 35, and Amanda’s shocked reactions.

But fans might have been more surprised to discover that the season was coming to an end very soon.

The teaser also revealed that there is “only one episode left,” despite it only kicking off earlier this year.

One disappointed fan took to the comments of a Twitter post, writing: “Last one?” while many others online had the same reaction.

During Tuesday’s episode, Tammy shared her excitement about tying the knot with her beau, whom she met late last year.

The pair got engaged just a few weeks after their relationship began.

While planning the quick wedding, Tammy asked her younger sister Amy to play a special role.

“You know how I was your maid of honor, wedding planner, whatever you want to call it? I wanted to know if you would repay the favor and do my wedding,” Tammy asked over a video call. “Be my maid of honor most of all.”


However, Amy surprised the bride-to-be with some frank feelings.

“It’s awful soon, sis,” she replied, referencing the quickie love story.

Amy tried to explain further: “I’m ready to do this for you. I am. It’s just. I got a lot going on with Glenn and Gage (her sons).”

But that excuse didn’t sit well with Tammy.

“There will be a lot of people there to help you take care of the babies, including myself,” she snapped back. “So I call bulls**t.”

After a few tense moments, Amy agreed…with one warning.

“I’ll definitely be your bridesmaid,” she conveyed. “I love you unconditionally.”

“Now, I can’t say that about Caleb ’cause I don’t know him that well.”

“You don’t have to get to know him,” Tammy fired back, trying to stave off a fight. “I have to get to know him. That’s all that matters.”

Later, in a confessional, Amy explained her reservations but also gave her sister her full support.

“No matter what concerns I have, no matter if I met Caleb or not, my sister is getting married, and I’m going.

“At the end of the day, it’s her health and her happiness. But if I meet him and there’s some red flags,” she warned, “b***h, you ain’t getting married.”


Tammy indeed got married – exchanging vows with Caleb in November 2022.

However, Amy’s concerns may have been justified, as The U.S. Sun recently revealed the newlyweds are experiencing some setbacks as they struggle with a long-distance marriage.

Shortly after saying, “I do,” Tammy left her Ohio rehab center to settle into her new Kentucky home, leaving Caleb behind.

A source has shared that tensions are building between the couple because of the distance.

Caleb had plans to transfer from the Ohio center to a clinic in Kentucky to be closer to his new wife, although a few obstacles remain in the way.

He has to make arrangements with his insurance to cover the transfer, but a source has revealed Caleb hasn’t taken any initiative to do so yet.

The source claimed: “Tammy is sad her husband is not with her.

“She is frustrated Caleb has not made an effort to move to a facility in Kentucky from Ohio. They have been arguing because she feels he is not handling the transfer with urgency.”

Because of the full house, Tammy says she’s “pissed” that Caleb isn’t around to help out, according to the 1000-Lb. Sisters insider.

Tammy’s pal says: “She feels as if she is single again.”


Meanwhile, the TV star has made significant strides in her weight loss journey.

Last month, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that she has gone from weighing 717 pounds to just over 400 pounds.

Tammy shed the weight after undergoing life-saving bariatric surgery last year.

During Tuesday’s episode, Amy Slaton shared her reservations about her sister Tammy’s quickie wedding with her then fiancé Caleb WillinghamTLCAmy got into a heated exchange with Tammy over the nuptials after Tammy asked her to be her maid-of-honorInstagramTammy recently made some major strides in her weight loss journey and dropped 300 pounds after undergoing life-saving bariatric surgeryTikTok @tammyslaton2020

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