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Whoopi Goldberg calls out ‘sloppy’ and ‘lazy’ behavior in furious rant live on The View

Whoopi Goldberg calls out ‘sloppy’ and ‘lazy’ behavior in furious rant live on The View

WHOOPI Goldberg has called out the “sloppy and lazy behavior” of a politician.

During a live furious rant, she didn’t understand why former Vice President Mike Pence would make an “insensitive joke.”

ABCWhoopi Goldberg calls out ‘sloppy’ and ‘lazy’ behavior during a rant on The View[/caption]

ABCShe didn’t like the ‘joke’ Former Vice President Mike Pence made to Pete Buttigieg[/caption]

On Tuesday’s show, the View panel opened up the episode with a discussion on Mike Pence targeting Pete Buttigieg during an interview.

“Pence claimed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took quote ‘two months maternity leave during the nationwide airline crisis’,” Whoopi said.

“Which makes Pete the only person in human history to have a child and everyone gets Post-Partum Depression.”

“That’s a joke,” one of her co-hosts said off-screen.

“Yeah,” Whoopi sighed.

The panel was quiet for a few seconds as some of the audience members chuckled.

“Now, I will point out that this joke wasn’t funny when Tucker Carlson did it. It wasn’t funny when Lauren Boebert did it. It’s just not funny. It’s just not a funny joke,” Whoopi said.

“But people are taking issue with Pence using the term maternity leave and making light of Post-Partum Depression.”

They then aired a clip of Pete Buttigieg being interview by GMA‘s Gio Benitez about Pence’s comments.

Gio asked him if he wanted an apology from Pence and Buttigieg said that he has bigger issues to worry about.


Whoopi said she was outraged at the comment because he wasn’t “smart enough to think of a new joke.”

“That’s why I’m outraged.”

She continued: “Because it’s sloppy and very lazy to use a thrice used bad joke again. So was this a bad joke or a homophobic slur or both?”

Buttigieg is gay and has been married to Chasten Buttigieg since 2018.

The couple welcomed twins- Joseph and Penelope- in 2021.

Whoopi then opened up the floor for the rest of her co-hosts, who debated the issue.


Some fans might have been distracted from her rant though, as the show experienced tech issues in the beginning.

Many watchers begged them to “cut to commercial” and fix the problem as the audio and video did not line up.

After The View panel got to their seats, Whoopi gave the introduction and fans noticed the sound was “odd.”

“Hey @TheView it looks like your video & audio is out of sync @ABCNetwork #TheView,” tweeted one fan.

“#TheView Is anyone else hearing odd audio? Odd audio?” asked another.

To that, a Twitter user said: “Yeah they need to restart it or something.”

The same person later begged: “#TheView Go to Commercial! Get the audio fixed!”

“Ok so it’s doing it for you too,” a fan replied to them.

“Its why I asked. But it seems to be fixed. Probably tied to the 7-second delay,” replied the original tweeter.

Getty Images – GettyThe host told Pence to ‘get a new joke’ and went on a furious rant[/caption]

ABCDuring Whoopi’s rant, the audio was not synced up with the video and fans were annoyed[/caption]

ABCWhoopi has gone on many furious rants on live TV in the past[/caption]

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