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Today’s Hoda Kotb nearly breaks down in tears on live TV over Jamie Lee Curtis’ gift to her daughter after medical scare

Today’s Hoda Kotb nearly breaks down in tears on live TV over Jamie Lee Curtis’ gift to her daughter after medical scare

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb has nearly broken down in tears over Jamie Lee Curtis’s thoughtful gift of two teddy bears.

Jamie Lee Curtis made an appearance on the morning show to discuss her recent Oscar win.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis stopped by the Today show to chat with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie about her recent Oscar winNBCBefore chatting about the Oscar Jamie won, Hoda had something personal to discussNBC

Hoda and Savannah Guthrie chatted with Jamie about the actress’s achievement.

Before they got into the segment completely, however, Hoda had something personal to discuss.

She began: “I was opening packages in my apartment last night, all the Amazon stuff that you get, and Jamie Lee, I opened a package, and inside I saw two teddy bears, and a beautiful My Hand in Yours’ that you had given to my girls.”

Hoda was speaking about Jamie’s brand of compassionate gifts, which she founded and sells products from, ranging from stuffed animals to signed photos.

The anchor continued, visibly emotional: “You said ‘I know it was scary, this is for your girls’, from you. And I thought to myself, in the middle of her shining moment in her life, she is sending something to me and my kids. And I can’t tell you how touched and how beautiful I thought that was. And I just wanted to say thank you.”

Hoda began to break down in tears as Jamie told her: “You’re welcome.”

She continued: “Listen, I get it. It’s the hardest thing in the world. There’s nothing scarier in the world than a sick kid, and that’s why I made My Hand in Yours.”

Jamie explained that she was showing up for Hoda’s family the way children’s hospitals do for sick children.

“Well, I love you for that,” said Hoda before continuing the segment.


Meanwhile, Hoda wiped away her tears during an emotional segment last Friday.

Her co-host, Savannah Guthrie, interviewed the cast of the movie, Champions.

On Friday’s show, Carson Daly delivered the PopStart segment for the day.

During it, he introduced the movie Champions, starring Woody Harrelson.

The film is about “a former minor-league basketball coach that receives a court order to manage a team of players with intellectual disabilities,” according to IMDb.

Champions stars Woody and a bunch of actors who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Savannah interviewed the cast of the movie and at the end of the clip, Hoda got emotional.

“OK what a sweet conversation,” she said.

“How about Woody and Madison holding hands?”

“Oh Madison, yes,” Savannah said. “They never let go of hands.”

The camera panned out and showed everyone on the couch and Hoda wiped her tears away.

As Savannah continued to talk, Hoda sniffled and wiped her eyes.

Champions comes out in theaters on March 10.


On Wednesday’s show, Hoda got emotional again while interviewing a Today guest.

For International Women’s Day, she welcomed supermodel Iman into the studio.

Iman, 67, spoke to Hoda about her work with the humanitarian group CARE, and the duo bonded in a wholesome moment.

The supermodel and advocate spoke about how she became a refugee in 1972 when she was just 16, and experienced homelessness.

Iman stated that she “wouldn’t be here” if not for the NGOs that helped protect her when she found herself alone in a different country.

Hoda, 58, listened keenly and looked visibly emotional as she heard the powerful life story.

Iman then continued: “So for International Women’s Day, what we really want is to be empowered – young girls and women – to give them the opportunity, the education that they can take care of themselves.

Because most of the time, what happens with women is that if you really empower them they don’t only take care of their families, but they take care of their whole community.”

At this point, Hoda couldn’t hide her admiration for Iman’s message.

The NBC host stated: “I love you. Have I told you that yet today?”

Iman responded: “I love you too.”

The duo then started laughingly emotionally, at which point the model exclaimed: “Let’s not cry!”

The host and guest reached across and clutched one another’s hands as they ended the moving segment.

Hoda summarized: “You’re amazing, CARE is a great organization, I’m so glad that you’re a part of that. Iman, thank you so much, we love you. Happy International Women’s Day.”


Back on Valentine’s Day, Hoda wiped away tears again.

The morning show celebrated Valentine’s Day with a slew of on-air proposals, leaving the host crying tears of joy.

Today helped five couples get engaged on the live program.

With those being asked by their partners to marry them truly surprised by it all, the hosts were feeling all the emotions alongside them.

Craig MelvinAl Roker, Savannah, Sheinelle JonesJenna Bush Hager, and Hoda all helped different lovebirds get engaged.

Hoda’s took place out on the Today plaza, with fans in the crowd helping make it a success.

Hoda hung out with guests Ben and Mindy, and told the latter that she was about to have a “10 times better” experience at this show than the last time she visited.

At that moment, Ben dropped down to one knee, and Hoda told Mindy to look behind her.

Crowd members held up signs that spelled out: “Marry me?”

“There’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with,” Ben told Mindy. “Will you marry me?”

Everyone cheered as she nodded her head yes and started crying.

Hoda began crying right alongside her, but she still managed to close the distance and give the newly-engaged couple a big hug.

Once all the couples and hosts gathered on set to celebrate together, Hoda could be seen once again wiping away her tears.

She continued to do so after the hosts revealed that all the couples would be going home with some lovely wedding-themed gifts and prizes.

Hoda recalled the kind gift that Jamie had sent her while she had gone through a scary time with her daughter’s medical diagnosisNBCHoda could barely contain her tears while speaking to Jamie and thanking her for the giftNBCJamie explained that she had founded her company My Hand in Yours partially for situations like Hoda’sNBC

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