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Today fans convinced Savannah Guthrie has broken ‘fast’ but viewers are distracted by ‘huge faux pas’

Today fans convinced Savannah Guthrie has broken ‘fast’ but viewers are distracted by ‘huge faux pas’

TODAY show viewers have accused anchor Savannah Guthrie of breaking her Instagram fast after a snap was posted on her account.

But, fans appeared to be more distracted by the shoes her husband Michael Feldman was wearing at the lavish Vanity Fair Oscars party held in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

EPAToday show viewers have accused Savannah Guthrie of breaking her Instagram fast[/caption]

AlamyThe host beamed as she dazzled in a black gown at the lavish Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday[/caption]

Popular anchor Savannah dazzled in a long black gown as she attended the star-studded celebration with Feldman.

The pair had their arms wrapped around each other as they posed for snaps on the blue carpet.

Viewers were divided after noticing that Feldman was wearing sports shoes.

Some viewers were puzzled why he hadn’t paired formal shoes with his dapper black suit.

One fan asked: “Did Mike forget his dress shoes?”

Others thought Feldman looked suave in his leather sneakers and suit.

A social media user posted: “Gorgeous couple. Love your dress and your husband’s shoes.”

And another commented: “Sneakers might be the best part of the pic.”

But, viewers noticed the post was uploaded during Savannah’s break from Instagram.

The anchor told fans in a post on February 15 that she would be stepping away from the social media app.

One social media user asked the daytime TV host: “I thought you weren’t going to post during lent?”

Another puzzled commenter said: “Is lent over already?”

It’s possible that one of Savannah’s staffers or family members posted the picture on her account.

Last month, Savannah admitted that she was tired of scrolling through Instagram and was pursuing the fast to “challenge” herself.

She added that she came to some realizations about her relationship with social media.

Savannah said: “I’m doing it to challenge myself: to be more reflective, to not just reflexively scroll Instagram and instead use that time for something more productive and life-giving to myself and others. 

“I’m telling you this so that I will have accountability!!” 

Savannah revealed she was pursuing the fast even though she’s not Catholic.

She admitted: “I’ve never given up anything for lent before.”

Savannah invited her fans to join her on her challenge before revealing that she plans to return to the social media site after Easter.

It’s not the first time the broadcaster has been accused of breaking her social media fast.

Just a week into her hiatus, a picture that showed the anchor alongside her co-hosts was shared on her account.

Savannah was seen looking down at her shoe as a piece of gum had gotten stuck on her heel.

The caption read: “Gum on the shoe on the plaza – too good not to post!

“Savannah says hi everybody and is ‘sticking’ to the Instagram fast for Lent.”

The anchor confirmed any subsequent work-related posts would be uploaded by her assistant when she announced her temporary hiatus.

But, viewers thought neither Savannah nor her staffers should share posts amid her social media pause.

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