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The View’s Sara Haines furiously rips up notecard and blasts crew member as she demands ‘why do you do this to me?’

The View’s Sara Haines furiously rips up notecard and blasts crew member as she demands ‘why do you do this to me?’

SARA Haines has lashed out at production on The View after finding herself cued up for a segment she had no interest in.

The View host lost her patience after being prompted to take part in a conversation about fashion at the Oscars.

ABCSara Haines had no desire to take part in a segment about celebrity fashion while hosting The View yesterday[/caption]

ABCThe star demanded to know why she’d been cued to talk about the topic when she had nothing to say about it[/caption]

In the show yesterday, Sara and her co-hosts looked at some of the most interesting outfits from the ceremony.

Ana Navarro gave a tribute to two actors, and said: “I just gotta give a shout out to Salma Hayek and Pedro Pascal, damn are they fine-looking Latinos.”

Whoopi Goldberg then encouraged the anchor sitting next to her to take part, prompting: “Sara?”

The 45-year-old exclaimed: “Wait, what am I here for… fashion? Fashion is never my… I don’t speak fashion!

Whoopi apologetically explained: “I know, but they put your name on the card!”

Sara then addressed the crew behind the camera: “I know. Why do you do this to me?”

Ana attempted to get the show back on track, saying: “Certainly you speak Pedro Pascal and Lenny Kravitz.”

“Yeah but I speak them whatever they’re wearing, so I don’t know with a fashion comment,” joked Sara.

Whoopi then handed over the cue cards to Sara to show that she was supposed to speak in the segment.

Sara again addressed the crew: “Yeah I know, why do they… seriously guys.”

She then ripped up the pieces of card and threw them behind her while shaking her head tiredly.

The rest of her co-hosts laughed, just before Whoopi moved them into a commercial break.


Recently, Sara shot down speculation that she was having relationship troubles.

The View panelist has been married to Max Shifrin, 39, since 2014.

They have three children together: Alec, six; Sandra, five; and Caleb, three.

The correspondent sparked concern after viewers noticed she had not worn her wedding ring on-air for several weeks.

Sara also shot down co-host Joy Behar after her bedroom skills were criticized at the end of February.

 Joy led a segment by explaining: “Well, here’s some good news for people who hate to work out. Sex may count as exercise.”

She continued: “According to an article in the Washington Post, researchers found that sexual activity gets the heart rate going and can burn up to 130 calories.”

After Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin gave their input, Sara spoke up.

“It’s not like equal work either,” she said, looking at Joy.

“I’m pretty sure Max‘s fitness tracker spikes more than I do. I’m more of a receiver than a giver.”

Her co-hosts laughed as Joy delivered a shocking jab.

“What she’s saying is you’ll burn calories if you just lay there,” Joy joked.

Sara came to her own defence and said: “I did not say I am a dead fish. What I said was that he is definitely sweating and has worked out. I look lovely.”

ABCWhen Whoopi handed her the notecards, Sara ripped them up and threw them behind her[/caption]

GettyThe host recently posted to prove that she and her husband Max Shifrin were doing well after fans noticed she hadn’t been wearing her wedding ring[/caption]

ABCSara also defended her sex life to Joy Behar after being made the butt of the joke during a segment about bedroom activities[/caption]

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