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The View fans question Sara Haines’ strange habit as they spot odd detail on live show

The View fans question Sara Haines’ strange habit as they spot odd detail on live show

SARA Haines has a strange habit that has left The View fans with many questions.

They spotted the host having two mugs in front of her during a live show.

ABCThe View fans noticed that Sara Haines is the only one who has two mugs in front of her[/caption]

ABCShe has been doing this since she returned to the show in late February after being sick[/caption]

On Friday’s show, Sara was joined by Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Sunny Hostin.

They all had mugs at their station, which they occasionally sipped.

However, Sara had two in front of her.

She sipped from one of them in the beginning as Joy gave the introduction.

Then about halfway through the show, the View host picked up the other one and drank from that.

Even when the guests came out, they had one mug in front of them.

It is not clear what was in her mugs or if she finished what was in both of them.

This isn’t the first time this has occurred on the show.


Some fans took to Twitter to comment on the odd detail.

“Sara has 2 mugs for some reason! #theview,” said one fan.

“Why two mugs Sara?” asked another.

A third added: “Why is Sara the only one with two mugs?”

It seems to have started when Sara came back to the show after her sickness.


Perhaps the reason Sara has two mugs is that she had a hot drink as well as a cup of water to help with her cough.

She was back on the panel by Friday 24 February but was heard coughing as she tried to speak.

“Excuse me, I still have this cough!” she said as she covered her mouth.

Her co-host Ana Navarro, who was seated next to her, then said sarcastically: “That’s nice!”


Whatever is in those mugs did not calm Sara down, as she blasted a crew member on live TV.

On Monday’s episode, she lost her patience after being prompted to take part in a conversation about fashion at the Oscars.

Sara and her co-hosts looked at some of the most interesting outfits from the ceremony.

Ana Navarro gave a tribute to two actors, and said: “I just gotta give a shout out to Salma Hayek and Pedro Pascal, damn are they fine-looking Latinos.”

Whoopi Goldberg then encouraged the anchor sitting next to her to take part, prompting: “Sara?”

The 45-year-old exclaimed: “Wait, what am I here for… fashion? Fashion is never my… I don’t speak fashion!

Whoopi apologetically explained: “I know, but they put your name on the card!”

Sara then addressed the crew behind the camera: “I know. Why do you do this to me?”

Ana attempted to get the show back on track, saying: “Certainly you speak Pedro Pascal and Lenny Kravitz.”

“Yeah but I speak them whatever they’re wearing, so I don’t know with a fashion comment,” joked Sara.

Whoopi then handed over the cue cards to Sara to show that she was supposed to speak in the segment.

Sara again addressed the crew: “Yeah I know, why do they… seriously guys.”

She then ripped up the pieces of card and threw them behind her while shaking her head tiredly.

The rest of her co-hosts laughed, just before Whoopi moved them into a commercial break.

ABCShe is the only one on the panel who has two mugs into front of her[/caption]

ABCIt appears that the host only recently started to do this, once she came back from being sick[/caption]

ABCWhatever is in her cups didn’t stop her from snapping at a crew member on Monday[/caption]

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