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Kourtney Kardashian critics disgusted by her ‘gross’ raw meal made by private chef and say they’re going to ‘throw up’

Kourtney Kardashian critics disgusted by her ‘gross’ raw meal made by private chef and say they’re going to ‘throw up’

KOURTNEY Kardashian has posted a pic of her sugar-free dessert, but fans voiced their horror over its unique appearance.

The eldest Kardashian sister posted the raw vegan dish to her Instagram Stories.

HuluKourtney Kardashian’s latest food post was mocked by her followers[/caption]

Instagram/kourtneykardashThe sugar-free, raw dessert was described as ‘slop’ by fans[/caption]

In the photo, a large piece of a tiramisu-style pie was shown off.

The slice seemed to be falling apart, with plenty of matcha-dusted frosting covering a brownish base, which was mainly hidden by a smear of camo green cream.

Kourtney captioned the pic: “Wow this is raw and has no sugar!! Matcha tiramisu,” along with a green heart.

She also tagged the private chef Aaron Elliott, who cooks only vegan food.

The 43-year-old‘s fans, however, were not impressed by the bespoke treat.

One critic posted the image to Reddit along with the caption: “I’ve seen vegan & raw vegans do some amazing things with food but the Barker Household & their private chef leave much to be desired.”

A fan responded to the post: “Kourtney, girl. Is this slop supposed to be appetizing,” with an added vomiting emoji.

Another joked: “Lemme throw up.”

A third comment read: “No sugar? Raw? But it’s dessert? Like ok thanks for confirming this tastes like actual sh*t for us.”

One confused fan couldn’t even figure out what exactly the dessert was, sharing: “I’ve been looking at this photo for a full 2-3 minutes & I still don’t understand what it is supposed to be. How does this have anything at all to do with tiramisu?”

“Looks like he used the green to cover the gross colour of the cake,” speculated a response.

Another exclaimed: “Ugh! I hope it tasted better than how it looks.”

“Why can’t they just eat sugar? these people inject themselves with botox, fillers, breast implants, alcohol, other drugs, yet are so opposed to dessert. So f**king bizarre,” claimed another.

This isn’t the first time the wellness devotee has been criticized for her ‘unappetizing’ chef-made meals.

Recently, Kourtney posted a vegan rice pudding made by Chef K, but the healthy treat was quickly torn apart by her followers.


As well as being put on blast for her foodie Instagram posts, Kourtney has also come under fire for her parenting decisions.

Kourtney was recently criticized after she allowed her eight-year-old son Reign to bleach his hair blond.

The Lemme founder’s ex, Scott Disick, 39, posted photos of his son’s fresh look to Instagram this week.

In the pics, Reign had white-blond hair, matching Kourtney’s, as opposed to his natural dark brown.

However, critics wrote that they felt he was “too young” to have his hair dyed.

“Doing this to a child is deplorable. I think she has lost herself in this marriage to that creature. Shame on her!!!!!! It’s ridiculous!!!!!” added a second commenter.

“Dying a young childs [sic] hair is crazy ! What is wrong with these people,” another exclaimed.

A fourth person wrote: “He is too young!!!”

Kourtney co-parents her three children with Scott and has two further stepchildren from her marriage to Travis Barker.

Instagram/Kourtney KardashianKourtney’s previous dessert post also caused adverse reactions due to its presentation[/caption]

Instagram/Kourtney KardashianThe mother-of-three was slammed recently for allowing her eight-year-old son Reign to bleach his hair just days after she herself went blonde[/caption]

The Mega AgencyKourtney shares her vegan lifestyle with husband Travis Barker, whom she married last summer[/caption]

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