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Jeopardy! execs break silence on editing glitch & admit they made a ‘horrible error’

Jeopardy! execs break silence on editing glitch & admit they made a ‘horrible error’

JEOPARDY!’s top boss has apologized profusely for last Thursday’s “horrible” editing glitch in a deeply regretful new statement.

Executive Producer Michael Davies said a “series of errors” led to the contestants’ final scores being displayed at the top of the game.

NBCMayim Bialik was introducing the finalists in the High School Reunion Tournament[/caption]

ABCAll three of their end scores were shown just seconds into the episode in a blunder even the boss admitted was ‘horrible’[/caption]

Mayim Bialik, 47, was hosting part one of the finals in her three-week-long High School Reunion Tournament last week.

The U.S. Sun was the first to spot that when Mayim was congratulating the three finalists and wishing them good luck, the broadcast cut to their final tallies showing.

The gameplay hadn’t even started when the program accidentally flashed a long shot of the contestants with their end scores on their podiums.

Jackson Jones’s $24,000, eventual tournament winner Justin Bolsen’s $13,570, and Maya Wright’s $3,370 remained on screen for several seconds while Mayim was doing her monologue.

They were indeed their totals in the end, spoiling the episode and hurting the game show’s reputation.

Jeopardy! could not spoil the ultimate result of the tournament because it was a two-episode finals, but viewers were deeply disappointed and outlets deemed the mistake: “the show’s biggest flub yet.”


On Monday’s podcast Inside Jeopardy!, EP Michael Davies did not brush by the editing mishap nor the “series” of mistakes that led to it airing.

He began: “My apologies to the audience at the top of the show. We totally blew it.”

“We made a horrible error and revealed the final scores at the end in the opening cutaway shot during Mayim’s monologue.”

He revealed they reshot Mayim’s monologue at the end and forgot to reset the contestants’ podiums to be blank – and then forgot to check they were reset in the re-shoot before green-lighting the episode.

“It’s a series of errors that it’s somewhat remarkable that they all happened, starting with the decision to pick up [reshoot] the monologue.

We can’t remember exactly what was wrong with the monologue [from Mayim].

Davies continued: “But we do occasionally pick up monologues for some reason – sometimes there’s a fact that’s incorrect, and sometimes there’s a performance issue.”

He continued: “So we pick it up [reshoot it] at the end of the show – there is a cutaway shot there, of course, it should be standard procedure.

And it is a standard procedure that we take the scores on the podiums back to the original level, but it didn’t happen.”

This was then not caught in post [production] and it was not caught in the final QC [quality control].”

“So many elements that should check this. We have now put into place a new series of protocols that will prevent this from happening again.”

“But I gotta tell you, I’m sure if you’re honest with yourselves there are mistakes made in every single one of your businesses,” EP Davies continued.

“We’re trying to be more transparent with mistakes when we make them. Every part of the Jeopardy process! – there is some pressure, we’re making more episodes and working more hours so that does lead to more mistakes. But there is no excuse.”

Longtime producer Sarah Foss then joked they “wish they hadn’t” reshot Mayim’s intro – she later added, “Better days ahead.”

In September Ken Jennings and actress Mayim were announced as the permanent replacements for the late, great Alex Trebek, who had hosted since 1984.

The hosting announcement hasn’t been the only big change for Jeopardy!, as executive producer Davies – who replaced the ousted Mike Richards – filled a job that before them, hadn’t changed hands in decades either.

One episode later, Brown freshman Justin Bolsen won the tournament nabbing $100K and a 2023 Tournament of Champions slot in a happier turn for the show.

But the blunder was hard to miss as it aired, as was the tremendous backlash.

“An inexcusable production error,” one viewer tweeted when the gaffe aired, while another fan quipped, “That’s a pretty significant screwup.”

A third Twitter user wrote, “Wow, given that this was taped months or weeks ago, you’d think they’d actually proof-view it first before putting on air.”

ABCExecutive Producer Michael Davies revealed they ‘reshot Mayim’s monologue at the end’ but ‘didn’t take the scores back down’ to zero[/caption]

YOUTUBE/JEOPARDY‘My apologies to the audience. We totally blew it’ the EP said, frankly adding: ‘This program was ruined, it won’t happen again’[/caption]

ABCKen Jennings splits hosting duties with actress Mayim Bialik[/caption]

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