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Have Blueface and Chrisean Rock split? Rumours explained

Have Blueface and Chrisean Rock split? Rumours explained

RUMOURS have been circulating online that Blueface has broken up with his on and off girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

The pair argued publicly on social media, leading to speculation that they had split – here’s what we know.

GettyA Twitter spat has led to speculation that Blueface and Chrisean Rock have split up[/caption]

GettyThe rapper threatened to leave his pregnant girlfriend[/caption]

Have Blueface and Chrisean Rock split?

It is not know if the couple have split up, but they have not announced anything since their Twitter spat.

Rock is currently pregnant with Blueface’s child and it seems, for now at least, that they will be sticking togehter.

However, the fiery social media exchanges certainly left their future ambiguous.

What has Blueface said?

The row started after Blueface posted a series of

He wrote: “Have you ever noticed when you treat a b**** like s*** they act right and when you too nice too them, they take advantage.”

He then launched into a rap, in which he said that women who sleep with “a thousand n*****” are “hoes” and if he sleeps with “a thousand b******” he’s a “player”.

The rapper then added: “I can’t be a man to no women that think they can do what men can do and it’s equal.”

After posting these pearls of wisdom, he threatened to leave Chrisean and criticised her appearance.

He wrote: “She pregnant missing a tooth with 7 tattoos finna make a fool of herself with the next n****.”

What has Chrisean Rock said?

Chrisean responded to Blueface’s tweets, saying: “I take you serious. You just hate me [right now].

“I don’t need the next n**** I got myself.”

She added that she doesn’t regret “anything” about her self and said Blueface’s rant was a “low blow coming from a man that knows he loves me.”

Chrisean finished by saying: “I get it I’m not mad at him or bout whatever I’m grateful you loved me this far.

“I’ll never stop loving you. You so angry u can just fight with yourself.

“Don’t feel bad for me…Plus I’m grown I did this to my self.”

How long have they been together?

The couple have been dating since 2020.

Chrisean was introduced as a competitor on his OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girl’s Club.

The show saw a group of women invited to Blueface’s home for a month to compete for his affection.

So strong was Chrisean’s love for Blueface, that she got into a fistfight with his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis, leading to the missing tooth referenced in his tweets.

Since then they have had a rocky relationship, with allegations of domestic violence, car theft and trespassing related to various fights and blow-ups.

Instagram/chriseanrockbabyyShe responded that he ‘knows’ that he loves her[/caption]

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