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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown shows off slimmer figure in new photo with boyfriend David Woolley- as she disses ex Kody

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown shows off slimmer figure in new photo with boyfriend David Woolley- as she disses ex Kody

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has showcased her tinier figure in a new photo with her boyfriend, David Woolley.

The reality star took to Instagram on Sunday to gush over her romance with her new beau and seemingly throw shade at her ex-husband Kody in the process.

Instagram/christine_brownswChristine Brown shared a new photo with her boyfriend David Woolley on social media[/caption]

Twitter/ TLCMany thought the post was Christine’s way of shading her ex-husband Kody, whom she split from in November 2021[/caption]

In the post, Christine, 50, shared a snap of the couple getting cozy while dining at a restaurant.

The pair huddled closely while posing for the shot, with the TLC personality showing off her slimmer physique from behind the table.

Christine boasted about their relationship in her caption: “I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life. He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen.”

She added the hashtags: “#unbelievablyhappy #myking #lovethislifeofmine #imsoblessed.”

Sister Wives fans jumped to the comments section to applaud the star for finding happiness since leaving Kody in November 2021.

But some thought the TV star might have used the post to shade her former partner, as their marriage didn’t end on the best note.

“Kody is going to have a cow! I love this! Congratulations!” one person wrote.

“I bet he feels like a breath of fresh air compared to the other one who made you feel horrible about yourself!” another remarked.

“It must feel amazing to know you’re really loved probably for the first in many many years,” said a third.

Christine has been sharing lovey-dovey posts with her new man since they began dating last month.

In a photo hard-launching them as a couple, she called the 59-year-old construction executive the “love of my life.”


David has already gotten the stamp of approval from Christine’s children as her daughter, Gwendlyn, 21, recently spoke about the arrangement via a new YouTube video.

In the clip, she watched as a scene played out of Christine and her former sister wife Janelle, 53, talking about the future of her love life post-divorce from Kody, 54.

“Do you think you’ll remarry?” Janelle asked, to which Christine replied: “Somebody else, not Kody,” and the duo laughed.

Gwendlyn also giggled as the video continued to a confessional with just Janelle.

“You can’t just be alone for the rest of your life, and I’m just gonna be nosy, and I’m just gonna ask,” she explained.

Back to the conversation with both Janelle and Christine, the latter added: “I’m starting over again.”

Gwendlyn then paused the video and told her viewers of her mom: “She’s talking to a shawty right now.

“You guys have probably seen the post about it too. She’s posted about her new boyfriend, David.”

Gwendlyn is one of Christine’s six children whom she shares with Kody.


However, not everyone is on board with Christine and David’s whirlwind romance, as her BFF Janelle revealed she has some reservations.

Last month, a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that the once-close pair are falling out over Christine’s new love interest.

“There’s some distance between Janelle and Christine at the moment.

“Janelle doesn’t approve of her new relationship,” the insider claimed.

“She thinks it’s too much too soon. She’s more old-fashioned. She also doesn’t agree that it should’ve been so public so quickly. She’s not about it.”

The source claimed that Janelle is “upset” that Christine is “spending all the time with him” and “they’re not so close as they were before they started dating.”

Some relatives, including Janelle, are “having a hard time trusting him,” and some believe he’s “not in it for the right reasons,” they added.

Janelle and Christine’s bond has always been tight, though they have gotten closer since Janelle split from Kody in December.

Their other ex-sister wife, Meri, also ended her marriage with the Brown patriarch in January, leaving him only married to his fourth wife, Robyn, 44.

Kody – who is said to be seeking another wife – has also not been happy about Christine moving on so quickly.

A source told The U.S. Sun that the father of 17 is “aggravated” about his ex-wife’s new relationship and said she loves “getting revenge” on her former husband.

Instagram/david__woolleyChristine hard-launched her new romance last month, calling David the ‘love of my life’[/caption]

Instagram/christine_brownswA source recently told The U.S. Sun that Kody is ‘aggravated’ about Christine moving on so quickly and that she loves ‘getting revenge’[/caption]

Instagram / christine_brownswAfter Christine left the Brown patriarch, her former sister wives Janelle and Meri followed suit, leaving him only married to his fourth wife Robyn (far left)[/caption]

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