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Oscar viewers ‘cringe’ over Ashley Graham’s ‘painful’ interview with Hugh Grant after actor is ‘so rude’ on red carpet

Oscar viewers ‘cringe’ over Ashley Graham’s ‘painful’ interview with Hugh Grant after actor is ‘so rude’ on red carpet

FANS are demanding that model and television presenter Ashley Graham get an honorary Academy Award after an uncomfortable interview.

During the red carpet event leading up to Sunday night’s 95th Oscars, Graham interviewed actor Hugh Grant before the awards show.

ABCModel and television presenter Ashley Graham had an interview with actor Hugh Grant before the 95th Oscars that left fans furious[/caption]

ABCGrant seemed as though he did not want to answer questions[/caption]

She proceeded to ask the 62-year-old several questions about being at the Academy Awards, although Grant gave her little back in response.

In a clip from the interview shared on Twitter, fans watched as Graham asked Grant about his favorite thing at the Oscars, to which he answered: “Well, it’s fascinating…the whole of humanity is here.”

Graham then tried again, asking Grant what he was most excited to see at the awards show.

Grant seemed confused at first, ultimately answering that he wasn’t excited to see any presentation or film win an award.

Seemingly grasping at straws, Graham asked Grant what brand of tuxedo he was wearing Sunday evening.

Grant simply replied, “Just my suit.”

“I can’t remember my tailor,” the Notting Hill actor continued.

However, it only got more uncomfortable for viewers from there.

Graham then asked Grant about his brief role in Rian Johnson’s thriller, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Grant replied that he was only in the movie for “about three seconds.”

Graham then asked, “Yeah but you still showed up and had fun right?”

“Almost,” replied Grant.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to call out Grant for his answers during the conversation.

“And the Oscar for the guy who totally doesn’t want to be there goes to Hugh Grant,” one person tweeted.

Rolling Stone even joked that Graham should get an Oscar for her efforts on their page.

“And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to Ashley Graham telling Hugh Grant “it was nice to talk to you” the publication wrote.

Other fans had strong views about Grant’s behavior.

“Lmao Hugh Grant appears to be shocked they are asking him questions during an interview wow what a d***,” one fan tweeted.

“Hugh Grant is the biggest D bag for this interview. Hugh, If you don’t want to be there go home. Worst Oscars interviews ever,” another said.

So far in his Hollywood career, Grant has yet to be nominated for or win an Academy Award, per IMDb.

However, he has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for performances in The Undoing and A Very English Scandal.

For more on the Oscars, check out The U.S. Sun’s live coverage of the awards show.

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