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Live’s Kelly Ripa sticks her tongue out at Ryan Seacrest as she mocks co-host backstage at the Oscars in new video

Live’s Kelly Ripa sticks her tongue out at Ryan Seacrest as she mocks co-host backstage at the Oscars in new video

LIVE’s Kelly Ripa has made a rude face at Ryan Seacrest for asking if eating gummies would affect her sleep backstage at the Oscars.

Kelly and Ryan milled about backstage during the Academy Awards, and Ryan took the time to record a candid moment between the pair.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest shared a candid moment backstage during the OscarsInstagramRyan asked Kelly if the gummy bears she was eating would affect her sleepInstagram

Ryan focused his video on Kelly for one of his clips, which he later posted to Instagram.

“How many trips to that jar have you made?” the star asked Kelly as she returned from a snack table backstage with some gummy bears.

Kelly was in a joking mood and didn’t immediately reply.

“You’re gonna — you’re gonna have a problem sleeping. Or do you already?” Ryan asked as Kelly gave him some side-eye.

The Live star then picked up an entire jar of gummy bears and stuck her tongue out at Ryan.

She then walked off wordlessly.

The pair are known to share jokes like this often, especially as they have hosted Live with Kelly and Ryan for such a long time together.

Ryan shared a few other looks backstage to his Instagram Stories.


Meanwhile, Kelly gave fans a glimpse of her toned triceps in her latest social media post.

Kelly, 52, took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday evening and revealed she’d had her very first spray tan.

In the snap, Kelly appears to be sitting in her Los Angeles hotel room wearing a white T-shirt and spectacles as the track Golden by Harry Styles plays.

The TV star had pushed her sleeve up and only showed half of her face as she focused on her toned arm.

Kelly captioned the photo: “When in Hollywood… First ever spray tan. Thank you @jimmyjimmycoco,” referring to the self-confessed “Celebrity Tan Expert.”

A few hours earlier, Kelly shared a video clip of her workout with fitness expert Anna Kaiser.

In the clip, the two women are performing a dance routine in sync to the track Calabria by Rune RK.

Kelly captioned the video: “Earlier this am somewhere in LA…” before adding: “A pre-Oscars grind took place with @theannakaiser.”

She also reshared a selfie of her and the trainer which had been posted on Anna’s Instagram Stories, in which they looked very sweaty.

Kelly is in Los Angeles with her husband Mark Consuelos and revealed that they were doing a promo shoot ahead of him replacing Ryan Seacrest on Live!

The mom of three posted a video of her dressing room vs. Mark’s and revealed they both had snacks and orchids.

“You know what? We’re not in New York anymore, this is Hollywood baby!” Kelly narrated as she panned the camera around her dressing room.

“This is Hollywood! Palm trees, lighting, a bodyguard!” she joked, referring to a man standing outside her dressing room.

“Mark doesn’t get as nice an orchid,” a man off camera could be heard saying as Kelly quickly headed into her beau’s dressing room.

“Oh look at the sad orchid,” she joked, before adding: “Look at the lesser orchid! Oh, we are not in New York anymore!”


Kelly and Mark have been married for nearly 30 years and share three children together: Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 20.

The Riverdale actor will soon serve as a replacement for Kelly’s co-host, Ryan Seacrest, 48.

In February, Ryan announced his departure from Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The ABC star will transition out of the Live program this spring.

Ryan plans to move back to Los Angeles from New York to shoot the 21st season of American Idol.

The daytime TV star admitted he is going to miss his “work wife” Kelly, who has been his co-star since 2001.

Ryan revealed he is “excited to pass the baton” to Kelly’s “real husband” Mark.

He also joked that the CW star should “feel free to remodel my dressing room.”

Kelly didn’t reply and kept eating the gummies as Ryan spokeInstagramWhile Ryan kept talking, Kelly simply stuck her tongue out at himGetty ImagesShe then walked away without another wordGetty Images

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