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Khloe Kardashian posts and deletes sexy new photo after critics spot ‘excruciating’ photoshop fail

Khloe Kardashian posts and deletes sexy new photo after critics spot ‘excruciating’ photoshop fail

KHLOE Kardashian appears to have suffered another photoshop fail on social media.

The Good American founder recently shared photos of her showing off her long legs and tiny waist in a silver dress on Instagram.

HuluKardashian critics accused Khloe of photoshopping[/caption]

Ricardo Horatio NelsonKhloe posted and then deleted a photo where her leg looks distorted[/caption]

One questionable photo grabbed the attention of Kardashian critics before Khloe ultimately deleted it.

Many fans were skeptical about Khloe’s snaps, believing that she “edited” one of the photos because of the shape of her thighs.

One wrote on a popular Kardashian Reddit thread: “Looks like her calf is coming out of her a**, I love it.”

“How does this sort of photoshop fail even happen? Was she pulling in the bottom of her a** and it squished the top of her leg or what?” questioned another.

Another scathed: “It’s so ridiculously obvious that they are using effects (e.g. – walls obviously bulging for the fat before shot and suddeningly becoming normal walls again once they pull up the shapewear they’re hawking) but the saddest part is they think they are actually tricking ppl.”

“Sometimes I wonder if they do these photoshop fails on purpose, just to get people to talk about them. All PR is good PR in the Kardashian universe,” another wrote.

One lamented, it wasn’t just her thighs: “Oh God everything really is out of proportion here.”


The 38-year-old’s metallic body-hugging dress resembled a tie-up corset from the front, cinching her waist so much that her midsection appeared nonexistent.

Khloe’s mini-dress was laced up on each side, exposing her skin in between the gaps in the lace.

Additionally, her dress had thin crystalized snaps, which matched the diamond-encrusted choker, and ring she accessorized the dress with.

Khloe decided to go commando instead of wearing undies with the outfit.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum paired the look with ankle-strapped rhinestone heels.

Khloe sparkled in the photos; her golden-tanned skin bounced off of her shiny dress and the tinfoil background she used for the snaps.

Her figure also appeared very svelte in the snaps, especially her arms and legs.

Two of the photos on the Hulu star’s carousel post were of her posing in the dress at different angles.


Khloe has admitted to altering her videos in the past.

Last year, she admitted that she edited a video after years of photoshop accusations.

Back in October 2022, Khloe posted a video on her Instagram Story from her carousel post rocking a backless black bodysuit.

In the video, she stared at her reflection surrounded by mirror lights.

Her friend and makeup artist, Ash Holm, appeared to be beside her, as Khloe tagged her in the video.

Khloe explained in the caption of the video: “I love you, @ash_khlom lol she’s my hype woman.”

She then admitted: “This is the edited version because we get crazy.”

Ricardo Horatio NelsonThe Hulu star showed off her incredibly shrinking waistline[/caption]

Instagram/@simonhuckKhloe celebrated her friend Malika’s birthday[/caption]

HuluKhloe has admitted to altering videos in the past[/caption]

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