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Jimmy Kimmel ‘makes sly dig’ at Kardashian family’s weight loss in Oscars opening speech and fans are very amused

Jimmy Kimmel ‘makes sly dig’ at Kardashian family’s weight loss in Oscars opening speech and fans are very amused

JIMMY Kimmel appeared to make a dig at the Kardashian family’s weight loss in his Oscars opening speech.

The comedian joked about the rumored widespread use of the diabetes drug Ozempic in Hollywood at the ceremony on Sunday night.

GettyJimmy Kimmel appeared to make a dig at the Kardashian family’s weight loss in his Oscars opening speech[/caption]

Instagram/ khloekardashianKim and Khloe Kardashian have dramatically slimmed down in recent months[/caption]

Kim, 42, and her sister Khloe, 38, have dramatically slimmed down in recent months and some fans have speculated that it’s down to Ozempic – which triggers weight loss.

Jimmy took a swipe at the use of the injectable prescription drug to lose weight as he opened the show for the Academy Awards.

He said: “Everybody looks so great. When I look around this room, I can’t help but wonder, ‘Is Ozempic right for me?’”

The gag had guests in the audience and viewers at home cracking up with laughter.

One tweeted: “Can’t believe Jimmy Kimmel made an open reference to Ozempic in front of all of Hollywood.”

Another added on Instagram, “That’s a dig at the Kardashians if I saw one!” with a string of laughing face emojis.

A third posted: “Not Jimmy Kimmel making fun of the Ozempic craze in Hollywood.”

“Jimmy Kimmel making an Ozempic joke in the first 2 minutes of the Oscars is so incredibly perfect,” another viewer commented.

Kim sparked concern after losing 21 pounds last year, while Khloe has dropped 60 pounds since 2018.


Kim began losing weight in May 2022, when she dropped 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into Marilyn Monroe‘s dress for the Met Gala.

Last year, an insider exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “She’s the skinniest she’s ever been and barely sleeping.”

The source added that she plans to drop two more pounds so she can be under her goal weight.

The insider said that Kim “does not want to put on weight as she thinks she has never looked better than now. She loves how skinny she is and wants to stay this way.

“She is saying she plans on losing another two pounds because then she’s under her ideal weight and it won’t matter if she fluctuates a little.”

The source added that Kim is “surviving on chia seeds and raw vegetables to maintain the weight loss.”


Khloe, meanwhile, began sparking concern with her drastic weight loss last year after her ex Tristan Thompson‘s cheating scandal.

Kim shared their family’s concern over Khloe’s weight loss on an episode of The Kardashians last year.

“You look very skinny,” she told her younger sister.

“Not that I’m trying to out them but Kendall and Kylie did say that they were a little concerned for you because you look really skinny and I said I think she’s a bit stressed.”

Khloe struggled to suppress a grin and said, “And Kendall said it? The model? Wow.”

Kim went on: “I said, ‘No guys, it’s fine.’ I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned but I’m telling you, she’s fine’.”

In a later episode, Kim was slammed for boasting that Khloe looks “skinnier than ever.” during a Met Gala fitting.

The siblings’ youngest sister Kylie Jenner, 25, has also shown off a slimmer physique in recent weeks.

Fans noticed that the mother-of-two looked more svelte on social media and at the red carpet.

GettyFans have speculated that their weight loss is down to use of the diabetes drug Ozempic[/caption]

GettyKylie Jenner has also been showing off a slimmer physique[/caption]

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