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GMA fans beg Rob Marciano to ‘stay safe’ as he makes rare appearance on morning show from dangerous location

GMA fans beg Rob Marciano to ‘stay safe’ as he makes rare appearance on morning show from dangerous location

GMA fans have pleaded with Rob Marciano to take care of himself as he reports on location from a devastating California flood.

Rob reported on the scene from the catastrophic flooding occurring in California during a segment on Monday morning’s episode of GMA.

GMA’s Rob Marciano reported live from the scene during a dangerous flood in CaliforniaABCRob waded through water during his segment as he discussed flooding in Monterey CountyABC

Rob was seen wading through knee-deep waters as he reported on Monterey County’s overflow and how the flooding has affected other areas in California.

The weatherman’s bright blue jacket appeared dry, but his tan pants appeared to be soaked with water as he made his way through the flooded area.

“The only way in and out of these areas now is by high water vehicle or bike,” Rob cautioned as he delivered the weather.

The waters rushed around him, making for a concerning spectacle.

It certainly didn’t look like Rob was in the safest of areas, which viewers quickly took notice of.

Fans took to social media to voice their concern for Rob.

One wrote: “Wow! Praying for all affected in California! Stay safe!”

Another commented: “Please be careful Rob!”

A third fan pleaded: “Please take care of yourself!”

A fourth begged: “Be safe!”

One fan asked Rob to “avoid the deeper waters” as he made his way around the area filming content.


Meanwhile, Rob jokingly opened up about his possible retirement after Good Morning America.

In an Instagram Story, the beloved GMA star posed with a beautiful rainbow in the background.

Rob, 54, played around with the popular myth about a leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The meteorologist hilariously admitted: “Yeah, there’s no pot of gold.” 

He captioned the post: “My dreams of retirement are shrinking,” and added a laughing emoji.

The star had uploaded a snapshot of himself following the trail of the rainbow. 

He mentioned: “Searching for my retirement,” along with a stack of money emoji. 

On March 10th, Rob appeared in front of the camera wearing his ABC News blue jacket. 

While reporting from Folsom, California, Rob stood in the pouring rain as he warned viewers about a winter storm emergency.

The father-of-two has not been full-time on the morning show since last year.

Fans jumped online and begged the TV personality to return to the morning show on a full-time basis. 

“Always need more Marciano. Why isn’t he in the studio anymore? ABC News has screwed up something!” one person said at the time.

Another added: “We miss Rob on here. Wish he would come back full-time!”


In July 2022, Rob’s ex-wife, Eryn called it quits after 11 years of marriage.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Eryn quietly filed for divorce on June 18th, 2021, according to New York court records. 

The former couple shares two children: Madelynn and Mason.

Even though Rob did not remove the morning show from his social media profile, viewers worried about his position on the program after he became absent for many months.

Despite the divorce, the exes appear to be co-parenting amicably, as they took a trip to Walt Disney World with their kids during Spring Break in April 2022, according to his social media posts.

The real estate agent has not posted about her estranged husband since June 2021 for a Father’s Day tribute. 

While speaking to PEOPLE last year about the divorce, Rob shared: “The last couple of years have been very difficult.

“I didn’t want this and tried to save the marriage, but we are sadly divorcing. My focus now is on my kids.”

Rob’s bright blue jacket seemed unaffected, but his pants were wet all below the kneesABCThe longer he stayed out reporting, the deeper the water seemed to getABCRob shared several shots of the severity of the floodingInstagram

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