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American Idol fans furious over show’s sudden time change and call out the ‘lies’

American Idol fans furious over show’s sudden time change and call out the ‘lies’

AMERICAN Idol fans have taken to social media to air their frustrations about the show’s recent time change .

Fans were eagerly awaiting the latest episode of the competition following the Oscars on Sunday night.

American Idol fans were frustrated that the competition show did not air when it normally does on Sunday nightGetty ImagesMany took to social media to voice their frustrations over its apparent time changeGetty Images

The official American Idol Twitter account tweeted “It’s Idol time!!!” around 11:44 PM.

Unfortunately, it was not, in fact, “Idol time” for viewers in Houston, Texas.

An ongoing newscast appeared to be showing while American Idol had begun airing elsewhere.

This led to some particularly frustrated viewers who tuned in to see the show, only to be met with something else on the channel.

Fans immediately took the official American Idol Twitter to task.

One confused fan wrote: “It’s not pulling up.”

Another commented “Waiting for the ‘just kidding’.”

A third said “Yeah no Idol for us—news!”

One fan posted a joking meme from the movie Elf, stating “You sit on a throne of lies!”

One puzzled fan asked: “Why isn’t Idol on?”

More fans chimed in to say the Houston area’s broadcast was still showing news, specifically a weather report.

Around 30 minutes later, one fan confirmed the show had begun.

“NOW-It’s Idol time!!!” they commented.

“Oscars should have aired at midnight and Idol at its regular time,” one fan suggested.


Meanwhile, American Idol fans have ripped Katy Perry and accused her of being a bully towards contestant Sara Beth Liebe.

Sara Beth had an awkward audition with the no-nonsense judge.

Katy, 38, seemed unmoved by the singer’s emotional backstory, first turning her back when learning the performer is a mom of three.

Sara Beth was pushed to her limits by the hitmaker and sang renditions on the spot.

After her first performance of Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good didn’t impress Katy, Sara Beth tried Bennie and the Jets by Elton John.

During her second performance, Katy continued to make remarks as she said: “More of that!”

“Hold it out!” Katy said as Sara Beth continued to perform.

“I feel like a comic book strip character just came to life,” Katy said after Sara Beth was done.

She added: “Look, if it’s not your dream you’re not gonna go far. I also respect everyone who walks through that door who will lay down their life for this golden ticket…”

However, despite her remarks, Katy and Luke Bryan gave her the two “yes” votes she needed to go to Hollywood.


Viewers jumped online as they became upset at how the American Idol judge had a “major attitude problem” with the contestant.

One angry person said: “Some of the things Katy Perry says to female contestants are shady.”

Another added: “Not Katy Perry being so shady during the first audition.”

A third mentioned: “Katy Perry has some major attitude tonight. Sheesh.”

One person wrote: “Katy Perry being a mean girl to Sara Beth.

“Like dang – you’re not pretty enough to pull that off, Katy. Come back down to reality.”

A commentator chimed in: “Why was Katy bullying that girl?”


In a previous installment, the Dark Horse singer seemed to have stolen the spotlight from the other judges.

During the audition of Madison Neisius of Dallas, hair extension suddenly fell out.

“I rocked and rolled too hard,” she said.

Katy’s laughter cut Madison off as the other judges decided to have some fun with her hair.

Judge Luke put the extra hair on as Katy asked for a request from the startled singer.

She demanded: “Can we just let him borrow your guitar for one second?

“I need him to sing Achy Breaky Heart.”

Critics dragged the California Gurls hitmaker through the mud as one said: “Always trying to take over. It’s not about you Katy!

A second critic threatened to boycott and claimed: “This is why I won’t watch while Katy Perry is still on.”

Fans in Houston, Texas were affected as the show seemed to air 30 minutes later than usualABCWhile others got to watch the show, viewers in Houston were treated to a news broadcastABCFans demanded to know when the show would actually be airingGetty Images

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