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The View’s Sunny Hostin warns ‘wait until your husband’s not around’ to co-host as she tests out product live on air

The View’s Sunny Hostin warns ‘wait until your husband’s not around’ to co-host as she tests out product live on air

THE View’s Sunny Hostin has revealed there’s one particular device that she uses when her husband is not around.

During Friday’s episode of the ABC chat show, Sunny and her co-host Sara Haines welcomed Gretta Monahan into the studio to talk them through some beauty products used by A-listers.

ABCThe View’s Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines inspecting beauty products during Friday’s episode[/caption]

ABCAs Sara tested out a teeth whitening device, Sunny told her to use it when her husband is ‘not around’[/caption]

“The Oscars are this Sunday night so we’re pulling back the curtain by offering half off the secrets the stars use to get red carpet ready,” Sara announced to viewers at home.

“So let’s get shopping with our dear friend Gretta Monahan,” she added as the live studio audience applauded them.

“These are all about the stars’ secrets,” Gretta announced as she demonstrated skincare products, hair removal devices, and nail polish colors.

As the three women moved along the stands, they ended up inspecting a teeth whitening product.

“Now, we all want to achieve a bright, white smile just like the stars,” Gretta said as she introduced the GLO Science product.

“I use this!” Sunny admitted as Sara, 45, leaned in to pick up the device and place it in her own mouth.

Sunny, 54, giggled as she told Sara: “Just wait till Max is not around and then you can stick it in!” referring to Sara’s husband Max Shifrin.

Elsewhere on Friday’s episode of The View, Sunny admitted she would let her co-host Joy Behar slap her for $40million dollars as the panel discussed last year’s wild Oscars slap.

Joy, 80, discussed how much this year’s producers should lean into the tense moment, when mom-of-two Sunny made her bold claim.

Joy kicked off the topic by sharing this year’s Oscar producers had claimed they plan to lean into Will Smith slapping Chris Rock last year in a humorous way.

She then asked the panel how much they think producers should lean into it.

Sunny retaliated by stating: “I don’t think they should lean into it – I think they should mention it.”

After sharing her opinions, she continued: “I mean, Chris Rock made $40M. I don’t like violence, but I think you could slap me for $40M.”

Joy exclaimed: “I could do it right now!” as Sunny shrugged and raised her arms.

Sara then butted in and joked: “I would do it for much less.”

The panel also had a rather tense discussion about horoscope signs that turned into a deep dive into the supernatural.

As Sara, Sunny, and their co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin all revealed their astrological auras, Joy was having none of it.

“I think it’s a bunch of BS,” Joy said under her breath.

“No, no, Joy!” Sara immediately screamed back, before confessing: “My whole marriage is based on an astrological sign.”

A baffled Joy reached back to her Yiddish roots and declared: “I can’t stand all that bubbe meise,” which translates to old wives tales.


Sunny decided to join in, shading: “You don’t believe in ghosts either. You don’t let us have any fun.”

Joy followed up with a rant against the other ladies: “I don’t believe in ghosts, they believe in ghosts; they think you can talk to the dead; they believe in horoscopes.”

This brought back Sara’s wrath, who argued that she didn’t say anything about talking to the ghosts, just that they are always around.

“I didn’t say we could talk to them, I’m not Oda Mae Brown,” she said, referencing Whoopi Goldberg‘s character in the movie Ghost. ” I don’t talk to ghosts, I just know they are there.”

Bewildered, Joy challenged: “Where?”

And in unison, Sara and Sunny both said: “They’re everywhere!”

“You don’t feel it?” Sara then asked Joy.

“No I don’t. I don’t feel it,” she replied flatly, before segueing into another topic.

ABCSara, 45, had the studio audience laughing as she tried out the device live on air[/caption]

GettySara has been married to attorney Max Shifrin since November 2014[/caption]

Instagram/Sara HainesSara pictured with her husband Max Shifrin and their three children Caleb Joseph, Sandra Grace and Alec Richard[/caption]

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