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Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee shows off her fit figure in just a sports bra and leggings as she celebrates major milestone

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee shows off her fit figure in just a sports bra and leggings as she celebrates major milestone

TEEN Mom star Mackenzie McKee has been showing off her toned physique on social media as she marked a special anniversary.

Mackenzie, 28, took to Instagram on Saturday and shared two photos of herself in her workout clothes.

Instagram / Mackenzie McKeeTeen Mom star Mackenzie McKee has been showing off her toned physique on social media again[/caption]

Instagram / Mackenzie McKeeThe 28-year-old revealed it was 16 years since she had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes[/caption]

The mom-of-three wore a turquoise-colored sports bra with a pair of tight black leggings and pale green sneakers as she posed on a green lawn outside a Michaels store.

Mackenzie wore her blonde hair in two braids and was seen doing an impressive handstand in the second photo.

The post was accompanied by a lengthy caption that read: “It’s my 16th DIAVERSARY! On this very day 16 years ago, my life changed forever.

“I have vivid memories being 11 years old, pale and skinny, sick and weak.

“I watched my mother nearly faint as the doctors came in and told her that my blood sugars were 780, i was in DKA about to be in a diabetic coma, and diagnosed me on the spot with #type1diabetes.

“I would live the rest of my life being insulin dependent. Navigating my new way of life was not easy at 11,” Mackenzie continued.

“I now had to learn how to poke my finger 6 times a day, count carbs, learn my body minute by minute, take 4 shots a day, get my strength back to do track and all star-cheer, and still feel human.

“I’ve accomplished everything I ever set my mind to even though it took extra work. This journey is never ending and has had many pitiful moments of wanting to give up.

“But even on those days, we don’t get a break, or we PAY FOR IT! We simply don’t have an option.

“So I chose to live out my dreams, and show everyone how awesome a type 1 can be! life just looks a bit different. #type1diabetes #diaversary #dexcom @dexcom,” she added.

Mackenzie’s one million followers were quick to like and comment on the inspirational post.

“Thank you for spreading awareness of type one diabetes (T1D) . Wishing you continued blessings,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Thank you for sharing your story you’re an inspiration and you’ve done so much for so many, myself included.”

A third person commented: “Your story is so valuable- thank you for sharing as my kiddo has type 1.”

“You are AMAZING girl. I am so proud of you. You are such an inspiration to a lot of people but most importantly type 1’s just like you. I love you girl!!” another fan added.

Someone else wrote: “Happy diaversary!!! You are a diabadass,” and a different person told her: “So proud of everything you’ve been able to accomplish.”

Earlier this week, Mackenzie referenced her diabetes when she shared a racy bikini pic.


The blond star recently took to Instagram to share a snap of herself sporting a light purple bikini as she posed on a beach in Florida.

The Teen Mom alum made a kissy face in the snap as she posed sassily in her two-piece swimsuit.

Mackenzie’s bosom in the photo almost spilled out of her low-cut bikini top.

Additionally, her washboard abs were on full display along with her muscular arms.

Furthermore, the MTV star’s hair was placed in a messy bun, and her sunglasses covered half of her face.

Though the 16 & Pregnant alum’s toned physique was attention-grabbing in the snap, the device on her arm appeared to be more eye-catching.

Near her shoulder in the pic was the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring patch for diabetics – Mackenzie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child.

The beach photo appeared to be a promo since she shouted out the diabetes monitoring system in her caption.

“DiaBAD*SS !!!!! #type1 #beyondtype1 @dexcom #dexcom #floridafitness #siestakey,” Mackenzie wrote.

Instagram/ Mackenzie McKeeMackenzie posts photos of herself wearing a CGM, which is a small device that senses how much glucose is in the fluid under your skin[/caption]

Instagram/mackenziemckeeThe reality TV star admitted that navigating life with the medical condition ‘was not easy’[/caption]

Instagram/Mackenzie McKeeReality TV star Mackenzie with her three kids Jaxie, Broncs and Gannon[/caption]

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