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Teen Mom fans mock Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s ‘cringe’ texts and beg stars to ‘stop’ sharing private messages

Teen Mom fans mock Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s ‘cringe’ texts and beg stars to ‘stop’ sharing private messages

TEEN Mom fans are pleading with Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra not to share their private messages after a ‘cringe’ birthday tribute.

The MTV stars have previously been accused of sharing “TMI” with fans online.

MTVTeen Mom fans are pleading with Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra to share less[/caption]

Tiktok/catebaltierra92The MTV dad shared a birthday tribute to Cate featuring a text exchange[/caption]

Tyler, 31, took to Instagram to share a birthday wish for his wife Catelynn, 31, online, leaving supporters wishing he’d shared just a little less.

He captioned the post: “HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous wife @catelynnmtv I don’t know how it’s possible but I fall in love with you more & more every year. Being your husband & the father of your children will always be my biggest accomplishment in life! Every life that you touch is impacted by your capacity to love & is blessed to have you in it. Happy Birthday honey, I love you so much!”

The star shared a sweet photo of his wife on his Instagram feed along with a text exchange between them.

Their messages kicked off with one the read: “& let me tell you, NOTHING compares to the feeling I get when we hug.”

Another read: “I’m sooo glad you picked meeee.”

A third message said, “It literally feels like magic,” to which either Cate or Tyler replied: “I love it.”

Tyler then wrote in the exchange: “I’m glad you picked me are you kidding!”

He went on: “You are my home … spiritually and physically.”

Catelynn hit back with: “You are my safe place.”

While Tyler’s tribute was undoubtedly sweet, fans struggled to look past the texts.

On a Teen Mom Reddit thread, one commenter wrote: “Aca….Awkward.

“A lil too forced for me.”

Another wrote: “Sweet but corny and cringe.”

A third critic commented: “There’s just some text you just keep between you and your spouse I think.”

Someone else chimed in: “Ugh…puke.”

Another commenter wrote: “The messages give me second hand embarrassment but that’s very on brand for them. 2 weirdos in love, good for them.”


The sweet post comes amid concern for Cate from fans.

The Teen Mom star shared a video on social media that left fans buzzing, claiming that she looked “exhausted.”

Catelynn went live on Instagram, chatting with fans as she prepared dinner for her family.

She was seen standing at her kitchen sink while looking into the camera.

For several minutes, she said nothing – seemingly waiting for fans to chime in.

Her short purple hair was tied back in a messy ponytail with a few strands of her fringe hanging loose in front.

She appeared makeup free and had on a black sweatshirt with a Jurassic Park logo on the front that read: “Motherhood is a walk in the park.”

Finally, she seemed to answer a question, saying: “Yea we are filming for the show,” without elaborating on any details, and then carried on cleaning up her kitchen.

The bizarre video was posted to a popular Teen Mom Reddit forum, where fans voiced their concern for the reality star who looked “tired.”

One person wrote: “She literally puts zero effort into her appearance. She doesn’t even have a real job and she still manages to look like she just rolled out of bed in every one of her videos.”

“Agreed. She looks terrible,” another answered. “I don’t get why she doesn’t try for herself (first) & then her husband. I always want to look good for my fiancé. It’s just weird she looks 40 years old.”

Another critic wrote: “My first thought was literally ‘she looks exhausted’ and figured it was probably the whole having three kids thing, but she also still smokes so that could also play a big part lol.”

However, one fan came to her defense, writing: “She has 3 kids. Work is a vacation from my 1 kid. If I was a stay at home mom I’d probably look worse than her and I have always put effort into my appearance.”

Another agreed writing: “I think we’re just so used to seeing the other moms with Botox, fillers, injections, intense hair and makeup routines, etc. I think she looks like a pretty typical overweight mother of 3 in her early 30’s that doesn’t get work done on their face or body. She’d fit right in in my neighborhood.”

She shared the video after Tyler spoke with followers about his wife’s mental health and the way she was treated while filming Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

TikTok/catelynn92Cate recently appeared in a Live video that caused concern from fans[/caption]

InstagramIt came after Tyler opened up about her mental health and her experience on Family Reunion[/caption]

Instagram / @tylerbaltierramtvThe couple has always been open about their struggles with depression and more[/caption]

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