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Netflix fans ‘disgusted’ by ‘horrifying, sadistic, and messed up’ horror Old People

Netflix fans ‘disgusted’ by ‘horrifying, sadistic, and messed up’ horror Old People

NETFLIX fans have been left horrified and disturbed by new horror film Old People.

The film, which is directed by Andy Fetscher, is about a woman who travels back to her hometown with her two children for her sister’s wedding.

NetflixNetflix fans were disturbed by this new chilling horror movie Old People[/caption]

NetflixThe main character is played by Jolene Andersen[/caption]

But in a sadistic twist, she find herself defending her family against blood-seeking pensioners.

And while most horror movies have a chilling twist, it seems as though this Netflix film has taken things to an even darker level, leaving viewers scared.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Not entirely sure why I’m still watching It’s creepy, disgustingly horrifying, sadistic, and just messed up.”

Another viewer said: “I’m watching #oldpeople on Netflix and I truly have never been more disturbed.”

A third added: “#OldPeople on #Netflix is nasty asf. Being more brutal than I was expecting it to be.”

While some reviews of the film have been favourable, others have been less than impressed.

One reviewer gave it a rating of two out of ten and said: “This is bargain basement from beginning to end.”

The added: “But what follows is cheap, grey, too dark, entirely generic, with the oldsters pretty much depicted as zombies. Some violence, plenty of goo and gross-out moments, but zero suspense or viewer involvement.”

Meanwhile another reviewer found the film, which was released last year, utter diabolical. They said: ” A bunch of old German people running around and killing everyone in sight. Its not new or a fresh take on a zombie apocalypse, Its just plane out lame.”

NetflixThings took a dark turn when a mother returns to her hometown for her sister’s wedding[/caption]

NetflixViewers were left horrified at how chilling Old People is to watch[/caption]

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