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Love Island’s Maya Jama makes massive blunder as she reveals dumped Islanders BEFORE the show airs

Love Island’s Maya Jama makes massive blunder as she reveals dumped Islanders BEFORE the show airs

LOVE Island host Maya Jama made a massive blunder on the eve of the finale by revealing who had been dumped BEFORE it aired on TV.

An advert on ITV2 played out minutes before Will and Jessie were seen being given the boot.

InstagramMaya Jama spoiled the result for Love Island fans[/caption]

ITV2Will and Jessie waved during the advert on AfterSun[/caption]

InstagramWill was also spotted on Maya’s Instagram story[/caption]

They had been voted least compatible by their co-stars.

Ahead of the programme returning for its final part, an advert for Love Island’s AfterSun aired.

On it, Maya says: “Join me tonight in South Africa live from the villa. Dumped Islanders Will and Jessie and Casey and Rosie will be sharing the goss.”

It then shows Will and Jessie waving at the camera.

As the show returned from the break, the Islanders were told to gather around the fire pit.

Will and Jessie, Ron and Lana and Kai and Sanam stood waiting for the results – which had already been spoilt for viewers.

Moments before the advert was aired, Maya also leaked the result ahead of time.

Posting a video on her Instagram, she told fans: “We’re going live in South Africa and look who’s here… And they’re all South African, it’s lovely.”

She then zoomed into the crowd where you could clearly see dumped Islander Will.

Maya added: “And there you go!”

One viewer said: “Not Maya Jama accidentally exposing the fact that will and jessie are the ones getting dumped…”

Another added: “Producers saw Maya already leaked who got dumped so just thought to tell us on the advert for aftersun.”

Someone else said: “Me pretending to be shocked that its will and jessie leaving after seeing Maya Jama leak it.”

A fan said: “Thanks for confirming that will and Jessie got dumped again Maya.”

Another added: “NOT THE AFTERSUN ADVERT SAYING WILL AND JESSIE DUMPED TOO. ITV just as bad as maya here.”

“Why did Maya just give away who left tonight, in the the advert before it was announced?!” asked another.

One said: “Wait why’d the aftersun advert have Maya say ‘join me with dumped islanders Will and Jessie’ aswell?! Wtf???”

The Love Island final will air on Monday from 9pm.

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