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Little People fans call out Audrey Roloff for ‘unsafe’ decision after she boasts about latest date with husband Jeremy

Little People fans call out Audrey Roloff for ‘unsafe’ decision after she boasts about latest date with husband Jeremy

LITTLE People, Big World fans have slammed Audrey Roloff over a dangerous decision she made online after a date with Jeremy.

The star and her husband frequently document their date nights, making it their mission to spend time together once a week.

INSTAGRAM/audreyroloffLittle People fans slammed Audrey Roloff over an unsafe online decision[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/audreyroloffThe reality star was bragging about a recent date, tagging her location[/caption]

Audrey, 31, shared an unconventional date night she and Jeremy went on.

The former TLC star shared a screengrab of her run tracker, revealing that she went on a 10.5-mile run.

Her caption revealed: “Longest run since before having kids. And got to do it with my guy so it felt like the good ole days.”

She appeared to tag the exact location where she’d gone running, which troubled some fans.

Her post was shared on a LPBW-themed message board, where fans expressed an array of opinions.

One concerned commenter chimed in: “So strange to volunteer your exact running location to your million-plus followers. Doesn’t seem very smart or safe.”

Another echoed that sentiment, writing: “I agree, plus everyone knows where they live with small children. They know their routine etc….they practically scream…hey we are at our Bend house come rob our other house. Our neighbors are not close and no one will hear you.”

A third commenter replied: “Same! I turned off maps on Strava for that exact reason. Too creepy.”

Someone else added: “Haha literally! My first thought was strange to put exactly what wooded area you like to be in when she probably mostly runs alone.”

Another commenter wrote: “I was thinking the same thing! I’m not a serial killer but I know where that trail is lol. She probably posted it right as they finished too, instead of waiting a few days or even hours.”


Audrey went right on posting about her running date, even documenting her debate about whether or not it was a romantic outing or not.

She filmed herself running alongside Jeremy, writing: “11/52 def counting this as a date.”

The author then shared a photo of herself presumably snapped by her husband.

She captioned it: “Running trails again yesterday was nostalgic. I spent a good 10 years of my life running in these woods every weekend. And then hardly at all for the last 5 years.”

Audrey ended her date night posts with a photo of herself and Jeremy enjoying some recovery gels.


Fans have been on the couple’s case for some time now, hounding them for blunders big and small.

Recently, Jeremy found himself the subject of controversy after Audrey shared a strange video he appeared to have shot on her Instagram Story.

On Friday, Audrey shared a video of her son Bode, three, sitting at the table for dinner.

He was sitting in a chair at the table fast asleep.

A bowl was sitting in front of him and it appeared to be at least partially filled with food.

Bode also had a water bowl and a cup nearby.

Audrey captioned the post: “This has never happened to any of our kids before.”

She included three laughing-while-crying emojis.

In the background of the video, her husband was heard laughing and chatting with their other kids.

He appeared to be the one filming, recording as Bode’s head bobbed back and forth, eventually hitting his bowl.

Jeremy initially chuckled but was quick to apologize and change gears as his son grew visibly upset.


This is hardly the first time the couple was slammed as parents in recent weeks.

They took major heat for taking their kids to Disneyland, with fans claiming it was not in line with their Christian values.

Audrey normally stays quiet amid backlash but she was quick to respond on this particular issue.

In a video shared to her social media accounts, she appeared tired of but unsurprised by the judgemental comments from critics.

She smiled slightly as she played with her long red hair.

The video suddenly cut to screenshots of the comments.

Most of the Instagram comments included came from people who scolded her for indulging in Disneyland as a proclaimed follower of Christ. 

Despite the many unfair remarks, the mom-of-three incorporated a few comments in the video that showed individuals defending her and her faith.

Audrey captioned her video: “Turns out the happiest place on earth is not so popular these days…. #disneyland #disney #disneyprincess #disneyparks #happiestplaceonearth.”

Many fans took to her Instagram comment section and a forum on Redditto give their opinion on the backlash she received. 

One fan on Reddit mocked: “Something hilarious about being a conservative, Christian influencer and having your conservative, Christian following start to turn on you for going to wOkE dIsNeY.”

Another fan cosigned: “The intersection of Republicans and Christians with conspiracy theories is just something I never saw coming in life…”

“We are a Christian family and we went and had a blast, and I can assure you that God is not mad,” someone else noted on Instagram. 

Another Instagram user added: “I’m a Christian AND a Disney travel agent! Can you even believe it?! The audacity to both love Jesus and help families plan magical memories…”

Instagram / Audrey RoloffAudrey and Jeremy have been known to face backlash over parenting decisions[/caption]

InstagramRecently, they were critiqued over an odd video of their son Bode sleeping at dinner[/caption]

InstagramThey also took major heat over their trip to Disneyland[/caption]

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