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Jordin Sparks divides crowd with wild National Anthem performance as some say she ‘butchered’ tune at Big 12 Tournament

Jordin Sparks divides crowd with wild National Anthem performance as some say she ‘butchered’ tune at Big 12 Tournament

JORDIN Sparks delivered a controversial rendition of the National Anthem during the Big 12 conference championship on Saturday.

She wouldn’t be the first singer to struggle with the song; Fergie previously came under fire for her singing of the same melody years prior.

Getty Images – GettyJordin Sparks performed the National Anthem at the Big 12 championship[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyThe singer’s rendition of the song left fans divided online[/caption]

Jordin, 33, took center court ahead of Saturday’s games to deliver her version of the National Anthem.

She kicked the song off as expected, running through the words and melodies as many have heard it before.

Then, suddenly, things took a turn as she reached the high note.

Some seemed to think the song went sour at that point, slamming Jordin’s singing on Twitter.

One user noted that it may not have been her best performance, but defended her anyway, saying: “Y’all not about to give Jordin Sparks too much it wasn’t horrible & let’s not act like she hasn’t already shown just how phenomenal her voice is. … s**t happens.”

Another tweeted: “Jordin Sparks yikes.”

A third noted: “Jording Sparks sang the national anthem at the big 12 title game today and forgot the worlds. Was sounding crazy lol.”

Someone else tweeted: “Jording Sparks really went for it with that national anthem, huh?”

A fourth Twitter user defended her, writing: “Jordin Sparks wasn’t that bad it was that high note but nobody was worse than Fergie idc what y’all say.”

Another fan blamed technical difficulties, writing: “How are you going to host the Big 12 Championship and have a s****y a** microphone for @JordinSparks? Terrible microphone aside, she absolutely crushed the national anthem!”

Someone else backed her, writing: “Y’all not finna play with Jordin Sparks like she won’t out sing or go toe-to-to with your fave.”

A critic, meanwhile, wrote: “This cannot be the same Jordin Sparks from ‘No Air’.”

Another tweeted: “Jordin Sparks with the worst national anthem since Fergie. Outside of remembering the words that almost seemed like she was joking.”

A fan wrote: “Jordin Sparks doing Jordin Sparks things and rocking this national anthem!”


Fergie’s National Anthem nightmare occurred back in 2018 at the NBA All-Star game.

She performed for the crowd, which included celebrities like Beyonce and more.

The former Black Eyed Peas singer stood on the court, singing and waving her arms with excitement in front of a line of players – many of whom were trying not to laugh.

She hit several “flat notes,” and giggles erupted around the arena.

Chance the Rapper and others were seen laughing during the performance and online, the atmosphere was no different.

Meme account “Girl Posts” took inspiration from Will Smith’s iconic character in Men in Black, sharing a GIF of Agent J holding a device which erases people’s memories.

The caption read: “Everyone who saw Fergie sing the National Anthem please look directly into your phone… You’re welcome.”

Actor Bob Saget held nothing back, tweeting: “Fergie’s anthem woke pigs and cheep in petting zoos across America.”

A cheeky Chris Franjola said: “Now I know what the National Anthem would sound like if Carol from accounting sang it after five mango daiquiris.”

After the performance, Fergie issued an apology.

She chatted with TMZ about the incident, confessing that she was a “risk taker,” but insisting: “I honestly tried my best.”

She told the outlet: “I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA.

“I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best.”

Fergie did not perform live again until 2022, shocking fans with a near-perfect performance at the MTV VMAs.

Fans were thrilled to see her back on stage.

One user tweeted simply: “THEY GOT FERGIE,” adding heart emojis. 

Another said: “Yes Fergie!! The Glamorous,” while one added, “Fergie tearing the house down.”

“Great Opening by Jack Harlow and Fergie,” a fan said.

Getty Images – GettySome accused her of ‘butchering’ the song while others were wowwed[/caption]

USA TODAY SportsFergie faced similar backlash back in 2018 at the NBA All-Star game[/caption]

AP:Associated PressShe later apologize for getting carried away with the song[/caption]

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