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GMA’s Sam Champion reveals who he’s annoyed at & why in new Instagram post, as he pines for the ‘good old days’

GMA’s Sam Champion reveals who he’s annoyed at & why in new Instagram post, as he pines for the ‘good old days’

GMA’S Sam Champion is frustrated with American Airlines after he arrived early for a flight but the air crew was nowhere to be found.

MIA in MIA one might say.

Instagram/samchampionSam Champion showed up early for his flight at Miami International Airport but the air crew was late[/caption]

Champion showed up to Miami International Airport prompt and present to catch his flight.

However, there was no flight to be caught as the air crew hadn’t arrived.

In an Instagram post, Champion records himself waiting near the flight’s gate.

His airport attire consists of a black t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sporty kicks. 

The caption beneath the post reads: “#springforward #timechange The feeling you get when you dash to the airport… ready to go… super early.. and the @americanair crew is late… so now WE are all late .. … missing the good-old-days of #airtravel #bringcoffee

Calvin Harris’ hit song “Let’s Go” featuring Ne-Yo, accompanies the video. 

One follower commented: “Fly Jet Blue!!!”

Another wrote: “ABC needs to shuttle you home on a private jet.”

Champion’s reference to the “Good-old-days,” of air travel dates back to a period known as the “Golden Age” of flying.

Between 1950 and 1970, passengers and flight staff deemed air travel as the most luxurious means of transport.

People wore glamorous attire and received top-notch service.

From cocktail lounges to five course meals, life on board differed greatly from the grueling realities of 21st century commercial air travel.

Aviation historian and author Graham M. Simons told CNN: “Some of the American airlines had fashion shows down the aisle, to help the passengers pass the time. At one stage, there was talk of putting baby grand pianos on the aircraft to provide entertainment.”

Champion’s undesirable airport incident comes days after he and Robin Roberts exchanged laughs on air resulting in the meteorologist walking off-screen.

Champion started as the weather anchor for GMA in 2006.

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