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Wheel of Fortune fans beg show to improve ‘bonus round’ after players struggle with controversial final puzzles

Wheel of Fortune fans beg show to improve ‘bonus round’ after players struggle with controversial final puzzles

FANS have begged the Wheel of Fortune team to “get creative” with their puzzle writing. 

Ahead of the 41st season of Wheel of Fortune, fans have debated how the Bonus Rounds could be “so much better.” 

ABCWheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak posed in front of the camera[/caption]

ABCVanna White pictured on the set of Wheel of Fortune[/caption]

In an online thread, viewers asked for an improvement in puzzle writing, especially in the bonus round. 

At the end of the main game, the contestant is offered an opportunity to win an additional prize during the Bonus Round, which could be a car or a cash prize of about $40,000.


One viewer said: “I’d like to see the minimum for the bonus round to STOP at $40,000.

“In addition, add more cash prizes and more expensive cars to the bonus rounds. It shouldn’t be only limited to XL weeks.”

Another viewer added: “Get creative and improve the puzzle writing, especially in the bonus round. 

“That’s my number one.”

Another viewer mentioned: “Start casting good players for the bonus rounds.”

A fourth person chimed in: “Improve the puzzles and make the bonus rounds interesting.”

In January, ABC renewed Wheel of Fortune for the next five years until its 45th season, according to Deadline


The online post came about after past players struggled with the final puzzles.

Recently, contestant Elizabeth Sweetly lost out on a brand new Chevy over a confusing puzzle.

She picked “Around The House” as her category and four additional letters.

The two-word puzzle read: “__N_Y” and “J_R”

She assumed: “Jar…funny jar…” but could not have guessed: “Candy Jar.”

Elizabeth really wanted to win the Chevy because her daughter wished for a car.


In February, during another final roundOctavia stumbled when she could not solve the prize puzzle.

The player struggled to come up with the correct answer: “Autographed Copy.”

Host Pat Sajak advised: “Talk it out. You have 10 seconds…good luck.

Although Octavia ran out of time, even Pat admitted to the cameras that the winning phrase was a “tough one” to come up with.


At the beginning of February, Pat did not hold back as he mocked a contestant who could not solve the bonus puzzler.

Tom, a Chicago-based college sports referee, made a bunch of guesses and rambled: “Taking with the idea…toning, taming the idea.”

He, unfortunately, could not answer: “Toying with the idea,” before the timer ran out. 

Tom went through a range of emotions – from sadness to frustration – after losing the Volkswagen car.

Pat said: “This man’s in serious pain!” while shaking Tom’s hand. 

He turned to the crowd, then to his co-host Vanna White, and joked: “Is there a doctor in the house?!”

ABCPat and Vanna posed together for a photo[/caption]

ABCOctavia struggled to come up with ‘Autographed Copy’[/caption]

ABCTom failed to solve final puzzle and lost the Volkswagen[/caption]

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