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What color was the Oscars red carpet changed to?

What color was the Oscars red carpet changed to?

THE RED carpet has been a prominent feature of the Oscasr since 1961.

However, the creative consultants for this year’s event have decided to make some drastic changes to the long-standing tradition.

Paparazzi’s taking pictures of a celebrity on the red carpet

What color was the Oscars red carpet changed to?

The 95th Oscars seeks to break a long-standing tradition of using the red carpet, which has been synonymous with elaborate award shows and premieres.

On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Associated Press showed Oscars host, Jimmy Kimmel, standing outside the Los Angeles Dolby Theater where the Academy rolled out a brand-new champagne-colored carpet.

This champaign-colored carpet breaks the tradition of the use of red-colored carpets which have been used since the 33rd annual ceremony in 1961.

Why was the color changed?

Vogue contributor, Lisa Love, and Met Gala creative director, Raul Avila, were the creative consultants responsible for changing the color of the carpet for the 95th Oscars.

According to the Associated Press, they decided to change the color this year because they want to mix up tradition and figure out how to more seamlessly transition from daytime arrivals to an elegant evening setting.

Also, the carpet is going to be covered because they aim to protect the celebrities and cameras from the weather, and also help turn arrivals into an evening event.

Lisa Love said: “We turned a day event into night. It’s evening, even though it’s still 3:00.

“We chose this beautiful sienna, saffron color that evokes the sunset, because this is the sunset before the golden hour.”

She continued: “Somebody’s always got a way to find something wrong with something. This is just a lightness and hopefully people like it. It doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be a champagne colored carpet.”

The red carpet ceremony will feature a different color for the 95th OscarsGetty Images – Getty

When will the Oscars 2023 take place?

The 95th Oscars red carpet begins on March 12, 2023, at 3:30pm ET.

The main ceremony is set to begin at 8pm ET.

It will be broadcast live on ABC.

This will be the third time Jimmy Kimmel has hosted the ceremony.

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