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Today’s Dylan Dreyer shares heartwarming picture after ‘stumbling’ through on-air segment and needing cheering up

Today’s Dylan Dreyer shares heartwarming picture after ‘stumbling’ through on-air segment and needing cheering up

TODAY Show’s Dylan Dreyer shared a heartwarming photo on social media after “stumbling” through an on-air segment.

A vase full of bright yellow flowers was posted on the meteorologist’s Instagram.

Instagram/dylandreyernbcToday’s Dylan Dreyer shared a heartwarming gift she received from her husband after she ‘stumbled’ through a weather forecast[/caption]

Getty‘It’s just words,’ read a sticker on the flowers in the photo[/caption]

The gesture was a pick-me-up after Dylan seemingly had a difficult time getting through her forecast.

She revealed that her husband, Brian Fichera, was behind the kind gift.

“How the cameraman tries to cheer me up after I stumbled through tonight’s weather forecast!” Dylan wrote. “He totally gets me!”

The flowers had the phrase, “It’s just words” taped to the vase.

Dylan’s comments section was full of people complimenting her with others saying they didn’t notice her blunder.

“You’ve been going since before the sun came up!” wrote one person. “If it makes you feel better I was watching and didn’t even notice!”

“All I noticed was that you didn’t have the cute white boots on tonight that you had on this morning,” wrote another person. “But the heels were very pretty. (I thought you looked very retro this morning. Like you stepped out of 1968…the boots really made it. So cute!)”

A third wrote: “My favorite trait of yours is how you keep it real and don’t try to make everything in your life look Pinterest perfect— messing up makes me like you even more! Thanks for being human!”

Others gushed over the sweet moment between the husband and wife.

“You two are one of my favorite couple! It happens besides you killed it today with that dress and those boots,” wrote one person.

“You and the cameraman are good role models for all of us! It’s ok to stumble now and then!” wrote another.


Fans fawned over Dylan recently after she stunned audiences in a pink mini-skirt and a matching blazer, along with white-heeled boots.

On Thursday’s show, Dylan delivered another memorable fashion look.

She reported the weather during the main show, as Al Roker remains out on vacation.

Then, on the third hour, she reported the news with her co-host Sheinelle Jones and fill-in host, Jill Martin.

Craig Melvin still remains out as well.

During the entirety of Thursday’s show, Dylan gave off a Go-go look and fans were praising her for it.

She wore a pinkish/peach mini-skirt, which came up very far above her knee.

The Today Show host paired it with a matching blazer and white, high-heeled ankle boots.

The blazer and skirt’s pockets and collar were lined with white fabric.

Dylan is known for wearing some more sexy and stunning outfits while on the air.

GettyDylan’s fans and viewers said they didn’t even notice the blunder[/caption]

GettyDylan is known for wearing stunning outfits on the broadcast that shocks fans[/caption]

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