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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg caught begging for ‘help’ on hot mic in strange voice as co-hosts rattle on with live debate

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg caught begging for ‘help’ on hot mic in strange voice as co-hosts rattle on with live debate

WHOOPI Goldberg has begged for help moderating The View after a difficult and personal debate between co-hosts.

In the middle of the March 9 episode of the show, Whoopi introduced a seemingly innocent topic that ended up dividing the hosts – organization.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg brought up organization on The View, and it didn’t go as expected[/caption]

ABCWhoopi ended up calling out for help after the segment[/caption]

Whoopi said: “According to an article in the New York Times, the Marie Kondo era of de-cluttering life is being replaced by people showing off their disorganized cluttered places on social media in a new trend called ‘messy girl aesthetic.’”

She said the name of the trend in a very sassy and sarcastic tone and proceeded to force a fake smile toward the camera and the audience as everyone laughed.

Immediately, Joy Behar pointed at Sunny Hostin and said: “I heard her vacuuming in her office today.”

Then, producers of The View showed a photo of Sunny vacuuming her floor as she bent down to make sure every crumb had vanished.

Sunny then called out Joy for being “clutter central,” and Joy admitted to it proudly before the show shared a photo of the clutter in her office.

Sara Haines brought everyone back on topic and said: “There are negative effects to clutter. A study by UCLA found a link between a high density of household objects and elevated levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.”

Joy responds by saying: “The whole Marie Kondo thing is over. The whole idea of sparking joy.”

She goes on to explain that after her weight loss old clothing items have begun to spark joy again.

Sunny encouraged her to donate the old clothes, but Joy said: “I’ll donate the ones I don’t want, but there aren’t a lot.”

As the two go back and forth and tension grows on the set, Whoopi attempted to break up the on-air fight.

She changed the topic and said: “Hey! It’s Woman’s History Month.”

After a long applause from the crowd, she invites Sunny to introduce the women she’s honoring for Woman’s History Month, although Whoopi still looks frustrated at the previous conversation.

When she’s off camera, Whoopi can be heard asking for “help” from either the producers or the audience.


This week, Jane Fonda appeared on the daytime television show and the women discussed reproductive healthcare.

The actress said that women seeking abortions should not abide by restrictive laws. She also suggested they resort to “murder” if necessary.

Jane said: “We have experienced many decades now of having agency over our body, of being able to determine when and how many children to have.”

The 85-year-old expressed her concern that woman’s rights are being stripped away, and she made it clear that she refuses to accept a reversal in progress.

She continued: “We know what that feels like, we know what that’s done for our lives. We’re not going back, I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.” 

As usual, the women of The View were quick to offer their input.

Sunny called the famous actress an “activist” and said, “She probably will get a Nobel Prize.”

Joy asked Jane to provide her insight as to what can be done besides “marching” and “protesting.”

To which Jane replied: “Well, I’ve thought of murder.

“She’s just kidding,” Behar corrected quickly. “Wait a second… They’ll pick up on that and just run with it. She’s just kidding.”

The comment forced some awkward chuckles out of the audience as Jane responded with a drawn-out stare that made it difficult to ascertain whether or not she was joking.


Last week on the show, Sunny made the difficult admission that her 25-year marriage is “jacked up.”

Her admission came during the show’s Hot Topics section where the hosts were discussing couples that use a “marriage audit” to check in with their relationship.

Sunny said: “I didn’t like this to be honest. I started looking at this stuff, and I was like, ‘Oh, my marriage is jacked up.’”

She continued: “I was thinking I got a nice, beautiful marriage. It’s been 25 years and stuff.”

Still, after reading the questions on the marriage audit, Sunny said it forced her to look at her relationship in a new light.

She said she and her husband don’t share many interests and that there are topics they won’t discuss, like the jewelry she purchases.

Eventually, after some of the other television co-hosts shared their thoughts, Whoopi ended the discussion after admitting: “There’s a reason I’m single.”

ABCNeat freak Sunny and Clutter Queen Joy battled it out on the show[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyThis week, Jane Fonda made some controversial comments when she was a guest on the show[/caption]

ABCLast week on the show, Sunny admitted that her marriage is ‘jacked up’[/caption]

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