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Love Island’s most embarrassing Meet The Parents moments from Danny Dyer’s shock appearance to Paige’s mum hating Adam

Love Island’s most embarrassing Meet The Parents moments from Danny Dyer’s shock appearance to Paige’s mum hating Adam

OVER the years Love Island’s Meet The Parents episodes have provided some classic moments of the series.

And fans of the ITV2 dating show will be happy to know that it’s just around the corner.

From famous dads to engagement announcements, it never fails to disappoint viewers when the family surprise contestants in the villa – and fans can’t wait to see what happens this year.

Here are our top five moments.

1. Danny Dyer talking about Jack Fincham’s belly

Danny Dyer video called his daughter DaniITVShe was emotional seeing her parents on screenITVThe actor made a joke about Jack Fincham’s belly

Dani Dyer received a video call from her parents before she won Love Island in 2019, alongside Jack Fincham.

EastEnders star Danny Dyer gave Jack his seal of approval as he said: “He’s lovely… you know what, you’ve found a right proper geezer in there.”

As Jack joined the call, he admitted to Danny he was “nervous to meet you,” but Danny reassured him that their connection was “a beautiful thing”.

He goes on to compliment Jack on his toned physique, saying: “I’ll tell you what I love about you, I love the fact you got a little Derby (belly).

“You got so much charisma. Takes a brave man to bowl into that gaff, them all ‘abbed up’, proper geezer. Honestly mate, we’re so over the moon.”

However, he did admit he initially had reservations, telling Jack: “Listen I approve of you mate. I think you’re absolutely bang on.

“I weren’t at first, I thought ‘here we go.’”

However despite being the winning couple, the pair split and both have one child with other partners.

While Dani is currently pregnant with twin with footballer boyfriend Jarrod Bowen.

2. Paige’s mum being ‘savage’ about Adam Collard

Paige Thorne was left stunned by her mum’s savage commentErotemeBeverley had some harsh words about Adam Collard

Last year Paige’s parents Gareth and Beverley entered the villa and both looked less than enthused about Adam.

 Gareth got viewers talking as he remained stony faced throughout and admitted he had only watched one episode.

Her mum went on to make a series of ‘savage’ comments about Adam, telling Paige “she wasn’t buying it.”

She continued:  “The way you was with Jacques was completely different, you were a lot of more you and bouncy and full of personality, with Adam it seems a lot more different.”

She then questioned if Paige knew who he was when he entered, but she insisted that she didn’t.

It’s thought Paige didn’t tell her dad she was going on the show before she jetted off.

After the toe-curling episode, Adam and Paige ended up getting dumped from the villa last night – narrowly missing out on a place in the final.

Adam admitted he had some serious work to do to get Paige’s parents on side but said he understood their concerns because he has sisters.

The pair didn’t last long on the outside and split shortly after they were hit by cheating allegations.

3. Anton’s mum giving Belle a razor

Anton Danyluk’s mum brought him a razor for his bumITVAnton was chuffed to reunite with his mumBelle Hassan got to work on Anton’s hairy bumITV2

Back in 2019 viewers were left horrified after Anton Danyluk told girlfriend Belle Hassan that she doesn’t shave his bum “as deep” as his mum does.

Anton’s mum Sherie-Ann Danyluk confessed she initially wasn’t a fan of her son’s girlfriend as the parents visited the villa.

She then presented her son with a razor blade during the reunion.

She told Belle: “I have a wee present for you” before handing over the razor.

And Belle joked: “I’ll need that!”

While Belle’s dad, Tamer Hassan, told her that she needs to stop ‘rubbing’ the Scottish gym gym owner – leaving fans in hysterics.

He said: “Do me a favour! Stop with the rubbing and all that!

“Just go to sleep. I’m watching!!!”

4. Olivia nan makes a move on Alex Bowen

Olivia’s nan called Alex Bowen a ‘sort’ during the reunion

Olivia burst into tears when her mum and nan surprised her in the villa.

Talking about Olivia’s connection with Alex Bowen, her mum said: “You can see how you’re on the same wavelength and you can just see the connection – you just know.

“We’ve been watching all of it and I just know.”

Alex won the family over with his charming manner and called her mum “an absolute sort” .

Olivia and Alex got married in 2018 and have their own television reality series Olivia & Alex: Happily Ever After?

5. Curtis’ mum thinks Maura is called Moira

Curtis’ mum kept calling Maura the wrong nameITVThe dancer’s mum referred to her as MoiraITVCurtis was forced to keep correcting his mumITV

Curtis’ mum left Love Island fans in hysterics as she repeatedly called Maura “Moira” in the villa.

The dancer’s mum repeatedly mispronounced the name despite Curtis correcting her each time she got it wrong.

It left fans in tears of laughter on social media and they took to Twitter to share their hilarity.

One wrote: “Curtis’s Mum calling Maura ‘Moira’ is everything #loveisland”

A second said: “If your mum can’t get a girls name right no matter how many times you correct her then there’s no way she likes her! So forget about Moira I mean Maura’s mum not liking Curtis, I think the boots on the other foot!”

Another added: “Curtis’ mum continuously calling Maura ‘Moira’ could not have made it clearer that she doesn’t like Maura I am dying #loveisland”

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