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Little People’s Jeremy Roloff laughs as sleeping son Bode, 3, smacks his face on dinner bowl in bizarre video

Little People’s Jeremy Roloff laughs as sleeping son Bode, 3, smacks his face on dinner bowl in bizarre video

LITTLE People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff shared a bizarre video of himself laughing as his son smacks his face on a bowl.

The TLC star and his wife Audrey Roloff have been critiqued as parents in the past, with fans slamming them for capturing dangerous situations with their kids and more.

Instagram/audreyroloffLittle People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff was slammed for laughing as his son hurt himself[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffAudrey Roloff posted a video of Bode falling asleep at dinner, hitting his head[/caption]

On Friday, Audrey, 31, took to social media to share a video of her son Bode, three, at dinner time.

The tot was seen sitting in a chair at the dinner table fast asleep.

There was a bowl sitting in front of him that was partially filled with food.

He also had a water bottle and a cup situated on the table near him.

She captioned the post: “This has never happened to any of our kids before.”

Audrey included three laughing-while-crying emojis.

In the background of the video, her husband Jeremy could be heard laughing and talking with their other two kids.

He appeared to be the one behind the camera, filming as Bode’s head bobbed back and forth, eventually hitting his bowl.

Jeremy chuckled at first but was quick to apologize to his son, who was visibly upset.

This isn’t the first time that Audrey and Jeremy have shared parenting content that turned out to be controversial.


Audrey recently shared a concerning video that showed her younger son Radley, one, reaching for a big knife while helping out in the kitchen.

In the video, Audrey’s daughter Ember, five, was seen helping peel sweet potatoes.

She squeezed herself into Radley’s learning tower, standing up in the seat next to him and pushing him just slightly to the side.

“Are you guys my dinner helpers?” Audrey is heard saying on the video, as Radley, one, reaches for a giant knife on the counter next to his sister.

“Rad, Rad! What are you doing?” Audrey playfully asks him as he giggles and smiles.

It’s not just their parenting content that gets them in trouble either.


Audrey and Jeremy themselves were slammed for “tone-deaf” comments they made during their family trip to Disneyland.

The couple was seen standing in line at the park with their kids, at which time Audrey turned the camera on her hubby and fired off a few questions about his childhood memories.

In a series of Instagram Story posts, the LPBW star recalled taking a trip to Disney with his family, saying: “I never had to wait in a single line.

“We went straight to the front. We would be escorted by Disneyland’s VIP security or something.”

Jeremy continued: “My parents were handicapped. We were filming. 

“We had the whole TV crew with us. That’s when we were all escorted around. It’s pretty crazy.”

Audrey captioned the post: “They were escorted around through all the reap doors and back alleyways,” along with a laughing emoji.

In an online thread, critics slammed the couple’s comments for flaunting their wealth and “showing off his privileges.”

One critic noted: “I mean waiting in line does suck… but literally saying you’re jealous of people who are handicapped that get a small benefit from that is just gross, especially when half of your family has disabilities/handicaps.”

Another critic mentioned: “For Jeremy to say something like that is absolutely disgusting and makes him sound like the privileged moron he is.”

A third critic added: “A weird way for Jeremy to say he was a privileged brat and got to take advantage of his parents being on TV.”

Someone else wrote: “She literally had him repeat this story so she could post it. 

“Once again, she has zero self-awareness about how this comes across.”

Another commentator chimed in: “I’m offended that he would use his parents’ disabilities to get in front of the line. 

“I wish he had a physical disability to understand that it’s not something you want.”

Instagram/audreyroloffBode’s siblings Ember and Radley were also sitting at the table looking on[/caption]

Audrey Roloff InstagramJeremy and Audrey have been criticized repeatedly for their parenting decisions[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffFans recently accused them of making ‘tone-deaf’ comments during a Disney trip[/caption]

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