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I get sent vile messages about my looks – people call me too fat or too skinny and say I need to eat, says Chloe Burrows

I get sent vile messages about my looks – people call me too fat or too skinny and say I need to eat, says Chloe Burrows

LOVE Island star Chloe Burrows has revealed that vicious trolls have bodyshamed her and mocked her appearance.

Chloe, 27, said she’s been sent vile messages from followers slamming her over her weight.

Chloe Burrows has hit out at cruel trolls who bodyshame herInstagramThe Love Island star said she’s been called ‘fat’ and ‘too skinny’Instagram

The TV explained that comments calling her “fat” or “too skinny” can be hurtful.

On Chloe’s latest YouTube video, one fan asked how she remains body confident.

Chloe replied: “I don’t stay body confident, I f******* don’t.

“It’s hard because you guys see me all the time, I do videos all the time, I take pictures all the time, I can’t really hide anything – so I just have to be like ‘this is me, deal with it’.

“Sometimes I look bigger and people call me fat, sometimes I look thinner and people say I need to eat, you can’t win.

“It is what is at the end of the day, I’ve kind of come to terms with it.”

Chloe went onto reveal that followers have poked fun at her looks and made cruel jokes about her nose.

“Before Love Island I would f****** never be caught dead without make-up on,” she continued.

“Posting on social media, I would never do as I was so scared, I didn’t rate myself that much.

“But after Love Island, people were calling me Prince Phillip on Twitter – but I just feel like who cares.”

Chloe – who shot to fame on the ITV2 dating show in 2021 – said she would never undergo a nose job.

She added: “I don’t think I’m insecure but when I was younger I was insecure about everything, my body, my looks, my nose.

“Everybody used to comment on my nose, you lot still f******* do, but guess what, I’m too scared to get a nose job so it’s staying.”

It comes after Chloe wowed fans as she slipped into a skintight latex dress on Friday night.

Chloe showed off her trim physique in the black figure-hugging midi dress at a charity event.

The showed their support for St Francis Hospice at The SFH Black and White Ball.

Chloe wore a pair of black strappy heels and wore her hair in a stylish updo.

The Bicester beauty showed off her bottom and tiny waist as she posed from the side.

Chloe moved in with former Love Island co-star and best pal Millie Court last year and have gone on many holidays together – including a sunkissed getaway to Miami and a luxury holiday in Dubai.

Chloe said trolls tell her she ‘needs to eat more’InstagramThe reality star said she’s been cruelly mocked about her looksinstagram

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