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GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee’s new hair sends fans wild as they say ‘gorgeous’ after she posed in sexy leather skirt

GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee’s new hair sends fans wild as they say ‘gorgeous’ after she posed in sexy leather skirt

GOOD Morning America star Ginger Zee’s new hairstyle has sent fans wild after she posed in a sexy leather skirt for the camera.

Following her appearance on live TV, the US meteorologist took to social media to promote a friend’s book but her fans were more mesmerised by her glam looks.

InstagramGinger takes a selfie showing off her new hairstyle[/caption]

Instagram/ginger_zeeShe also captivated fans with her incredible figure that was revealed in a sexy skirt[/caption]

In the Instagram post, the woman was glowing with a new blow dry.

Her hair was chic and sparkled under the lights as if she were a movie star.

While the fans were captivated by the book review, they pointed out how glam Ginger looked.

“You look remarkable,” an Instagram user said.

“Love your hair,” one said.

“Hair was on point today… bangs are ok but this look suits you,” a second said.

“Ginger, you look so beautiful,” a third said.

“Can I take you home… jokes aside, you are so pretty,” another said.

The post has more than 15,000 views.

The new look comes as the much-loved presenter showed of her incredible figure in a sexy leather skirt.

The 42-year-old wore a short-sleeve, knitted white turtle neck shirt, which was almost see-through.

Her leather skirt came down just a little bit past her knees.

She paired the look with simple black heels.

Once again, fans flocked to pay her compliments.

“Always pretty always looking good,” a follower said.

“Woot rock it Ginger,” one said.

A third added: “Love the skirt.”


Earlier this week, Ginger looked incredible in a sexy yellow mini-skirt and tight long-sleeve top.

The mom-of-two teamed the brightly-colored garment with a long-sleeved burgundy red top and matching tights and stilettos while delivering a weather report.

Ginger wore her hair down straight and was still rocking her fringe, wearing it slightly parted.

GMA viewers were certainly impressed with her latest attire and were quick to comment on a Twitter video shared by Ginger.

“Your outfit and hairstyle go perfect together. You look incredible with that hairstyle,” one person said.

Another commented: “I usually avoid comments on your style, today, you look like I did in the 60’s.”

Someone else tweeted: “Another fabulous performance Ginger, love the outfit.”

ABCGinger is a meteorologist at GMA[/caption]

Instagram/@ginger_zeeShe is not stranger to wearing daring looks on live TV[/caption]

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