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1000-lb Sisters fans emotional as Tammy Slaton looks ‘so happy’ back at home from rehab with nephews in sweet new video

1000-lb Sisters fans emotional as Tammy Slaton looks ‘so happy’ back at home from rehab with nephews in sweet new video

1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been featured in a new video that’s causing fans to cry happy tears.

The clip was shared on Tammy and Amy’s half-sister Amanda’s TikTok account, and it gives a short glimpse into Tammy’s life in Kentucky.

Tammy Slaton was featured on her half-sister Amanda’s TikTok this weekInstagramTIKTOK/mandahalterman0In the video, Tammy can be seen playing with her nephew Glenn[/caption]

The video features Tammy, two of her nieces who appear to be in their 20s, and Amy’s children Gage and Glenn.

Amanda is presumably behind the camera filming the sweet scene.

One of the nieces is tossing Gage, who is wearing a green camo matching set, around in the air while he giggles and makes baby noises.

The other niece is sitting across the room from Tammy and making faces at baby Glenn.

Tammy is sitting on the couch holding the baby on her lap. She’s wearing a burgundy shirt, and Glenn is wearing an adorable blue and white onesie.

The TLC star is smiling up a storm as she holds the baby.

In front of her is a red walker that she uses as a mobility aid. Being able to use a walker instead of a wheelchair is a huge step for Tammy.

At the end of the video, the niece who was playing with Gage told her Aunt Tammy: “You look so much happier,” and fans agree.


Tammy’s fans have been closely monitoring her progress on her weight loss journey. When they see that the 1000-lb Sisters star is happy, that joy spreads to them.

The comment section of Amanda’s TikTok is filled with lovely messages and emotional support for the reality star.

One said: “I love seeing Tammy enjoying life! Nothing better than family time.”

Another wrote: “Love family time. Tammy, you look amazing. Glad to see you’re doing great and enjoying them babies.”

A third commented: “I feel like those babies are also what keeps Tammy going! She loves her nephews.”

Someone said: “Just seeing Tammy being the sweet Auntie she is just melts my heart. You can see the true happiness on her face now. She deserves it all.”


This week, The U.S. Sun exclusively learned that Tammy has been fighting with her husband Caleb Willingham as they struggle with a long-distance marriage.

Tammy was released from the rehab facility in Ohio so she can return to Kentucky, but Caleb is still in the Ohio facility.

A source has shared that tensions have been building between the couple because of the distance, despite only getting married in November.

Caleb had plans to transfer from the Ohio center to a clinic in Kentucky to be closer to his new wife, but a few obstacles remain in the way.

He has to make arrangements with his insurance to cover the transfer, but a source has revealed Caleb hasn’t taken any initiative to make the move.

The source claimed: “Tammy is sad her husband is not with her.

“She is frustrated Caleb has not made an effort to move to a facility in Kentucky from Ohio. They have been arguing because she feels he is not handling the transfer with urgency.”

The U.S. Sun previously reported Tammy has been helping take care of Amy and her two children amid her split from her husband Michael Halterman.

Because of the full house, Tammy said she’s “pissed” that Caleb isn’t around to help out, according to the insider.

The insider said: “She feels as if she is single again.”

TIKTOK/mandahalterman0Fans were super happy to see Tammy at home and enjoying her time with her family[/caption]

TLCTammy can be seen sitting behind a walker in the video, which is a massive improvement from when she couldn’t walk to her mailbox[/caption]

TLCIt was reported that Tammy is frustrated with her husband Caleb for not moving closer to her in Kentucky[/caption]

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