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The View’s Sunny Hostin throws major shade at Alyssa Farah Griffin repeatedly as newcomer calls her out live on air

The View’s Sunny Hostin throws major shade at Alyssa Farah Griffin repeatedly as newcomer calls her out live on air

THE View’s Sunny Hostin has shaded co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin for her ‘two-faced’ nature as a Gemini sign.

The talk show’s panelists kicked off a conversation during Friday’s episode about Ryan Murphy lying about his Zodiac sign to Madonna to land a job.

The View’s Sunny Hostin threw some shade at co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin on Friday’s episodeABCSunny discussed the other hosts’ Zodiac signs and Alyssa said she was a GeminiABC

This prompted the women to talk about their own signs.

Sunny Hostin said: “Joy and I are both Libras. We kind of try to scale things out. Sara’s a Virgo, like my husband: water-bearer, definitely very critical, careful, and planned.”

Sunny then turned to Alyssa Farah Griffin.

“I’m a Gemini,” Alyssa said before Sunny could get a word in.

Sunny turned to the camera and put on a silly face, saying “We don’t really know who she is.”

Alyssa laughed along as Sunny made her face.

“Okay? We really don’t know who she is,” referencing the common label of the sign being “two-faced” given that the symbol is twins.

“Oh, shade!” Alyssa hissed as she covered her face with some of her note cards.

“I didn’t know you were a Gemini,” Sara said off-screen.

“Yeah, I didn’t know that either,” Sunny said.

“So is Carly, my producer. There are some great Geminis out there,” Alyssa continued as she named off others with the same sign.

Sara joked: “She’s sketchy. Totally sketchy.”

Alyssa added: “Donald Trump is a Gemini.”

Sara replied “Sketch!” as Sunny shook her said, saying she didn’t know.

The panelists got on with their conversation after the slightly shady exchange.


Meanwhile, Sunny admitted her 25-year marriage is “jacked up” during a recent episode of The View.

The host, 54, has taken a quick “audit” of her relationship on air, and she did not like what it was telling her.

Sunny’s admission took place during a Hot Topics discussion about couples who use a “marriage audit” to check in with their relationship.

After Whoopi Goldberg introduced the issue, Sunny was quick to share her thoughts.

“I didn’t like this to be honest,” the View host said. “I started looking at this stuff, and I was like, ‘Oh, my marriage is jacked up.”

Her co-hosts all laughed, but she didn’t stop there.

The 54-year-old, who’s been married to Emmanuel “Manny” Hostin since 1998, continued: “I was thinking I got a nice, beautiful marriage. It’s been 25 years and stuff.”

But after reading the questions on the marriage audit, Sunny said it forced her to look at her relationship in a new light.

She said she and her husband don’t share many interests and that there are topics they won’t discuss – like the jewelry she purchases.

“So, that was just a whole list of stuff. I was like, ‘My marriage is a hot mess express. I didn’t like it.”

Eventually, after some of the other co-hosts shared their thoughts, Whoopi ended the discussion after admitting: “There’s a reason I’m single.”

Sunny’s chatting about her marriage and her husband doesn’t only happen when The View is live on air.


She also complained about her husband in an awkward moment during a recent commercial break, The U.S. Sun exclusively learned.

It all went down off camera during the Friday, February 24th taping of the daytime TV talk show.

The rant about Manny began when The View co-host learned about there being flight attendants in the live audience.

The three Delta attendants mentioned they only worked “first class.”

This prompted Sunny, 54, to “complain about how she wasn’t in first class on her recent flight to Ghana,” an insider told The U.S. Sun.

“She was complaining about how the flight took 11 hours and her and her family were seated in the back of the plane going and coming,” the insider continued.

Sunny all of the sudden shouted: “Cheap a** husband!”

The TV star caused laughter on set from her other co-hosts – Joy BeharSara HainesAna Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin (Whoopi Goldberg was out sick) – and they asked her why he didn’t splurge on first class.

“Sunny explained that it would’ve been expensive to buy four tickets because her kids were with her,” the source added.

Sunny made a crack that the hosts didn’t know who Alyssa was at allABCShe had been referencing the ‘twins’ symbol the Zodiac sign hasABCAlyssa laughed and joked that Sunny was throwing shade at herABC

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