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The View’s Ana Navarro reveals real reason she’s absent from talk show on her usual day

The View’s Ana Navarro reveals real reason she’s absent from talk show on her usual day

THE View’s Ana Navarro has explained to fans that she missed Friday’s episode because she was speaking at an event in Los Angeles.

Ana recorded a lengthy video message for fans and shared it to Instagram to keep them abreast of what she was up to.

The View’s Ana Navarro revealed the real reason she was missing from Friday’s episode of The ViewABCShe recorded a long message and shared it, explaining she had another engagement to be at on Friday morningInstagram

“Buenos dias, my people!” The View’s host began in the clip she posted to Instagram, interestingly enough without a caption.

She said: “Good morning! It’s 4:15 in the morning and I just came on here to let you know, I can’t even believe I’m awake,” she said.

“I’m en route to Dallas, heading to LA. I’m not going to be on The View today because I’m going to be in LA speaking to HOPE, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality, at the LA Convention Center to celebrate their International Latina Women’s Day.”

Ana looked tired, but positive as she finished speaking to the camera.

“Can’t wait to see you, LA! Coming your way! I promise you I will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, put on my war paint, and be ready to go by the time we show up for lunch. See you soon, everyone!”

Ana blew a kiss to the camera before cutting off her recording.

Fans took to the post to let Ana know how they felt about her absence both before and after her announcement.

One fan wrote: “I’m sorry to miss you today at HOPE Latina History Day! I am a graduate of the program and am missing out because legal duty calls. Enjoy meeting my fellow hermanas!”

Another commented: “Missed you on The View! Always look forward to seeing you”

A third cautioned Ana to get more sleep: “Girl- you need to rest a bit! I hope you can sleep on planes”

A fourth wrote: “Keep on keeping on Ana as a true warrior for democracy! I appreciate you.”


Meanwhile, Ana sparked concern among fans after she posted a snap of herself in bed on social media.

Fans encouraged Ana to take things easy after she shared her brutal travel week, which included eight flights, in an Instagram post.

The 51-year-old anchor was cuddled up with her dog as she laid in her bed in the pic.

Ana’s selfie illuminated her make-up free face and her slightly disheveled hair as she appeared to be resting with her dog.

The TV personality detailed in her caption everything that was on her plate this week, admitting that she didn’t want to “leave.”

“This is one of those weeks. 8 flights, 5 cities in 7 days,” Ana wrote.

She added: “Got to sleep in my own bed with my husband and my puppy last night- the only night this week.

“Time to hit the road again. I don’t want to leave!”

Ana’s supporters remarked about her hefty schedule in her comment section, noting that they “worried” that her “crazy” schedule might affect her.

“Ana. I kind of worry about you and your crazy schedule! Maybe slow down a smidge? Teeny?” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another expressed: “Maybe slow down a bit, for health’s sake. Don’t want you sick.”

Someone else advised: “See if you can find a balance it is hard to leave the ones you love,” and another reacted, “Safe travels, rest when you can.”

“I don’t know how you do it!” a fan commented.

With Ana doing so much traveling, there is a potential that she may slim down even more than she already has.


Back in January, The View notable opened up about her dieting attempts and how she kept off the pounds.

The star took to Instagram to share how she stayed healthy on airplane food, spending 14-16 hours a week commuting between her Miami home and The View studios in New York.

The ABC host posted a photo of a colorful meal spread on her Instagram.

Her airplane meal included grains, greens, and root veggies.

Ana gushed: “One of the many little conscious life-changes I’ve made to lose weight is to buy a salad at airport or pre-order the healthy meal on American Air.

“Pre-ordering means I’m stuck with my choice and don’t fall into temptation.”

Ana continued to divulge: “Truthfully, I don’t love it. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol on planes. It adds up for me, since I usually spend 14-16 hours a week on a plane.”

Ana had gotten up at 4 am and recorded the video on the way to Los AngelesInstagramFans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on Ana’s absenceInstagramSeveral asked her to get some rest after jet-setting and traveling so muchInstagram

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