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Love Island final movie-length running time revealed days before winners are crowned

Love Island final movie-length running time revealed days before winners are crowned

LOVE Island’s final instalment of the winter 2023 series is just days away and it has now been revealed exactly how long the epic movie-length episode will be. 

The grand finale of the eight-week dating series looks set to go out with a bang with a jam-packed 95 minute show. 

Love Island final episode has a very long running-timeRexErotemeViewers will get to find out who is the winning couple of the show[/caption]

On Monday 13 March Love Island viewers will finally get to see who will be crowned king and queen of the villa. 

The first season with new host Maya Jama at the helm, fans will be excited to see how she handles previous contestants and the best moments from the show.

During the epic feature-length episode, starting at 9pm and ending at 10:35pm, die-hard viewers will have come to expect tears, tantrums and more including an emotional declaration of love. 

With rumours of parents flying out for the final and previous contestants being lined up to spill the beans on what cameras edited out, there will undoubtedly be fireworks. 

Viewers will also be wondering if this season might be first to do away with the money element of the prize. 

Normally, after the winning couple are announced the host asks if they were in the show for love or money. 

Each contestant is then presented with an envelope, one of which contains £0 while the other holds the full £50,000. 

Whoever opens the envelope containing the dosh has two options – split it or keep it. 

This week the final couples all went on their last dates, where they got to reminisce about their adventure together and what the future holds for them. 

Last night the final five couples were treated to their very own experiences, that ranged from an epic Ferrari drive to a dreamy meal on water. 

However, fans have accused the show of being “fixed” after one duo’s final date topped all others.

Ron and Lana headed out for an idyllic breakfast first in Thursday’s episode – but fans said they’d been given the short straw.

Tanya and Shaq later dined in a rose garden as the couples were treated to a rare trip outside the villa.

Meanwhile, Samie and Tom dined in the lap of luxury just days before the Winter Love Island final.

Arriving in style, Tom drove them in a classic red Ferrari and later admitted it was “the best night of my life”.

They were treated to a private mountainside restaurant located in the middle of a lake and decorated with red rose petals, with a harpist to serenade them.

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “So Ron & Lana get a date in a swamp with Rick Astley music, Tom and Samie get the Ferrari ride into an island with roses leading the way and romantic music.

“We see what you’re doing … stop trying to fix the outcome.”

Another pointed out: “The cost of Tom and Samie’s date compared to Lana and Rons- favouritism much? What a fix.”

A third said: “They gave sammie&tom a ferrari and a rose petal covered private island and tanya&shaq get…..a dinner table and some string lights”

Fans were not impressed by Ron and Lana’s dateErotemeTom and Samie were treated to an epic adventureErotemeEkin-Su and Davide when they were declared the winners last yearRex


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