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Little People fans mock Audrey Roloff after she suffers embarrassing blunder on $1.5M Oregon farm

Little People fans mock Audrey Roloff after she suffers embarrassing blunder on $1.5M Oregon farm

AUDREY Roloff has been slammed for her interaction with a baby chick on her farm.

The Little People, Big World star posted a video of herself holding a chick onto Instagram, but she reacted badly when the chick pooped on her.

Instagram/audreyroloffAudrey Roloff has been criticized for being ‘high maintenance’ after a sweet moment with a chick went wrong[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffThe baby bird pooped on Audrey’s hand, and she immediately screamed that it was ‘gross’[/caption]

Audrey first posted a pic of herself and her daughter Ember, five, each holding a chick.

The duo stood in the birds’ pen, and smiled at the camera in casual clothes.

Audrey, 31, captioned the photo: “We got 6 more today so now we have 12 [chick emoji] and hoping one is a rooster.”

She then posted a video of the following moment, in which an unfortunate event occurred.

She and Ember continued to hold their chicks, with lots of chirping from the others heard in the background.

Ember leaned over to show her chick to her three-year-old brother Bode, after which Audrey put her feathery companion back down.

She stood up and wiped her hands on her dark leggings, at which point a white smear appeared.

She then checked her hands, and immediately shouted: “Ew, it pooped on me!”

She left the pen straight away and moved out of the range of the camera while holding her hands out, and exclaimed: “That bird pooped on me! That’s gross!”

Fans were quick to discuss the moment on Reddit, where many expressed their disappointment in her reaction.

The original poster prompted: “When the chick pooped on audj’s hand [laughing emojis]. She’s gonna have to get used to a lot worse than that if she wants to be a farm woman.”

A response added: “It’s so clear she’s not this outdoorsy crunchy farm girl she tries to act like she is.

“You have to be extremely consistent to have a farm I don’t know if either of them are capable or up for all the responsibility.”

One person claimed: “It was the tiniest little speck too and she couldn’t get up fast enough. Auj is too high maintenance to be a real farm woman.”

A fourth incensed fan wrote: “You can tell she is not an animal lover and she is not into physically working outdoors either. Even hobby farmers do it because they love working outdoors with their hands.

“Audrey thinks because she is a runner and skier this somehow makes her a tomboy that enjoys working hard on a farm. Zero self-awareness. Go back to your laptop Audrey and do not get any more animals you know you cannot handle.”


In May this year, Jeremy, 32, and Audrey bought a 1979-built two-story farmhouse in Hillsboro, Oregonfor an estimated $1.5 million.

The vast property boasts four acres of green hills and picturesque mountain views.

The farmhouse offered plenty of space for the spouses and their three children with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and the family also dropped $700,000 on renovations.

The couple’s purchase came after his plans to take over the Roloff family farm fell through.

However, the couple have already come under fire for some of their actions of the farm.

Jeremy revealed on Instagram that they received their first lot chicks via mail, and that not all of them made it alive.

The couple was slammed for getting their new birds and making the discovery on the same day that they went on vacation to Disneyland.

Instagram/audreyroloffA mark could be seen after Audrey wiped her hands on her leggings, before she quickly walked out of frame[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffAudrey and husband Jeremy bought their farmhouse in May and have already spent $700,000 on renovations[/caption]

Instagram/jeremyroloffThe couple were previously judged after some of their chicks arrived dead and they immediately left for Disneyland[/caption]

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