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Kylie Jenner ditches her pants and underwear as she poses in just a bathrobe in new sultry snaps

Kylie Jenner ditches her pants and underwear as she poses in just a bathrobe in new sultry snaps

KYLIE Jenner has gone pantsless in a sultry new snap that showed her modeling in a bathrobe, showing off her toned figure.

The Hulu star welcomed her second child – a son named Aire – a little over a year ago.

Instagram/@kylieJennerKylie Jenner stunned fans with a series of sultry snaps[/caption]

Coperni/@oliverhadleepearchThe star went pantsless for some of the pics, posing in just a bathrobe and heels[/caption]

Kylie took to her Instagram feed to share photos from a recent shoot with Coperni.

She donned several sexy looks in the pics, including

The reality star posted behind-the-scenes pics, including a few of her posing in her bathrobe.

In the photo, she stood with one leg out and her hip cocked to the side.

Kylie rested a hand on her hip and tilted her head to one side.

She hid her eyes behind a pair of massive black sunglasses.

The star’s hair appeared unstyled, hanging down partially and tucked into a plush white robe.

Although the robe was tied tight, the positioning of Kylie’s leg revealed that she was without both pants and underwear in the photo.

In addition to her robe and sunglasses, the Kardashians star was wearing a strappy pair of high heels.


Other photos showed Kylie rocking a tiny top made of what appeared to be leather.

The first photo in the carousel showed her sporting a tiny cropped black piece that looped around her breasts and featured cutouts between her upper chest and shoulders.

The look showed major underboob and gave fans a look at Kylie’s flat stomach.

She narrowly missed a major wardrobe malfunction in the outfit.

Kylie rocked lime green earrings and wore her hair in a semi-straight style.

The makeup mogul posed in front of a wall of photos of herself.

Another photo showed her laying on a velvet couch.

She was draped in a plush coat that appeared to be made of fur but may have been faux.

She had on a pair of red tights and a matching pair of strappy shoes.


Several fans noted that Kylie often appears to cup her breast in photos and this batch is no different.

Fans have dubbed it her signature move, noting that she’s done it in many photos while showing off sexy outfits, swimsuits, and more.

The move is often referred to as the “Kylie boob grab” or her “mandatory boob grab.”

One follower has theorized: “I’m honestly starting to wonder if she’s doing it on purpose as either an attempt at a signature pose or to just troll in general…”

Some have been left wondering why she holds her right boob with her right hand in pics.

“I feel like it’s a comfort thing or a habit at this point,” proposed one user on social media.

Another agreed: “It seems like something that’s habitual since she does it so much. But it doesn’t make it any less weird – she ruins good photo opportunities by doing this.”

“It’s very awkward,” wrote a third.

Others suggested that the pose is “her favorite thing in the world” and recalled other photos from the past where she had pulled the same mannerism.

Photos from as early as 2015 show the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum doing the boob grab.

Instagram/@kylieJennerShe posted behind-the-scenes looks at the shoot on social media[/caption]

Instagram/@kylieJennerKylie was seen pantsless in what looked like a fur while laying on a couch[/caption]

Instagram/@kylieJennerShe also rocked a tiny leather top and did her signature ‘boob grab’[/caption]

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