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Kim Kardashian’s critics call out star for ‘inappropriate’ photos with Justin Bieber when singer was just 16

Kim Kardashian’s critics call out star for ‘inappropriate’ photos with Justin Bieber when singer was just 16

KIM Kardashian’s fans have criticized the reality TV star for taking “inappropriate” photos with Justin Biber when the pop star was 16 years old.

The Hulu star, who was 29 at the time of the photos, took part in a suggestive photoshoot for a spread in Elle Magazine.

Getty Images – GettyKim Kardashian’s critics have called out the reality star for taking ‘inappropriate’ photos with Justin Biber when the singer was 16 years old[/caption]

SplashKim and Justin took the ‘steamy’ photos as part of a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Elle[/caption]

The Bahama-located photoshoot captured Kim, 42, posing in lingerie with a baby-faced Justin, 29, back in 2010.

One photo showed the pair running hand-in-hand on the beach as their water-soaked clothes clung to their bodies.

While another featured the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum posing for Justin in a revealing outfit as the Love Yourself artist pretended to take snapshots of her curvaceous figure.

A TikTok video featuring behind-the-scenes moments from the Elle photoshoot was reposted on a Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board.

The video was titled: “Don’t forget Justin’s steamy photoshoot with Kim.”

In the post’s comment section, one person questioned: “Who signed off on this on JB’s team???? He was already appealing to tweens/teens??”

Another commenter wrote: “This is so weird to watch. And wasn’t Justin underage? Like WTF.”

“Literally.. He looks 14,” added a third.

A fourth fan commented: “Yep! They were painting her as a sexy MILF,” before adding, “It’s astonishing what celebrities can get away with.”

A fifth person wrote: “Geez creepy af.”

They continued: “And that baby face of Justin’s doesn’t help. I wonder how all the grown-a** adults there found it acceptable.”

A final commenter stated: “WTH this is very disturbing.”


Last month, Kim was slammed by fans for wearing an “inappropriate” outfit to a prison reform event in Los Angeles.

The Kardashians star showcased her shrinking frame and new hairstyle while at the star-studded gathering on Wednesday night.

While in attendance, Kim flaunted her fit figure in a skintight, metallic leather dress.

The rose-colored, ankle-length gown sported a thigh-high slit, and its strapless neckline showed off the Skims founder’s delicate shoulders.

The TV personality accessorized the dusty pink ensemble with strappy high heels, a unique chunky bracelet, and a matching necklace.

Photos from the event were shared on the same Reddit page, where the post’s creator asked: “Do we know where she is?”

One Redditor replied: “It’s a prison reform event lol. And yeah, this is totally not the look for that.”

“Kim never knows how to dress according to the event lol,” added a second.

A third person commented: “Hideous outfit and inappropriate for the event.”

The sentiment continued as another commenter wrote: “I hateeee how she dressed for this like??? it’s so inappropriate.”

One fan mentioned: “This is such an odd thing to wear to a prison reform event. Like the event is not about her yet she wears the most outlandish things to bring the attention to her.”

A second person stated: “Wow, this is an inappropriate dress for the event,” before asking “How does she expect to be taken seriously when she makes a mockery of the topic by dressing in shiny leather fit for an entertainment party?”

“Not to speak of the “jewelry” on her right hand, borderline looks like handcuffs…,” added another.

While a fourth fan commented: “Like…just take a blazer out of Kris’ closet and call it a day.”


Kim was recently slammed for her pose in a photograph with a group of reformed prison inmates.

Fans say the reality star‘s actions were disrespectful and unwarranted.

Last month, Kim shared a selfie she took with a group of former inmates she helped free.

In the caption, she explained: “They all were given life sentences in prison… and served decades inside before being paroled by the parole board or commuted by the Governor.

“They completely changed their lives and have dedicated the rest of their lives to giving back to youth and work at ARC and Smart Justice.”

According to its website, the “Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) works to end mass incarceration in California… and provide a support network, comprehensive reentry services, and opportunities to advocate for policy change.”

The inmates Kim worked with were housed in the Pelican Bay prison – one of the most dangerous prisons in the state.

Kim continued: “But these days the men at Pelican Bay are getting college degrees, making incredible art, training rescued dogs, becoming computer programmers, and are doing self-help and programming with victims of crime.”

However, what should have been a well-received social justice message instead turned against the reality star.

In the shared selfie, Kim posed with “duck lips,” which many felt was out of touch.


“It’s so immature and stupid,” another added, as a third echoed: “She really needs to grow up, it’s very unprofessional.”

A fourth person simply asked: “Why couldn’t you have just smiled?”

SplashKim and Justin were shown splashing around in the sea at The Cove Resort at Atlantis, Paradise Island Bahamas[/caption]

AP:Associated PressKardashian fans questioned who approved Kim’s photoshoot with the 16-year-old singer[/caption]

AP:Associated PressKim and Justin at the Z100 Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden back in 2010[/caption]

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