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Khloe Kardashian admits she was ‘obsessive’ over her weight after split in heartbreaking new interview

Khloe Kardashian admits she was ‘obsessive’ over her weight after split in heartbreaking new interview

KHLOE Kardashian has admitted to being “obsessive” over her size, particularly when she was divorcing Lamar Odom.

The 38-year-old spoke to In Style about being self-conscious over her weight.

HuluKhloe Kardashian admits to being ‘obsessive’ over her size[/caption]

APThe reality star admitted she became self-conscious about her weight while divorcing Lamar Odom[/caption]

While promoting Peleton’s new Hydrow rowing machine, Khloe talked about her previous unhealthy view of herself, and how the scale started ruling her life.

She admitted she obsessed over the numbers saying: “The scale Fs with you. I don’t even look at a scale anymore. I think it’s really unhealthy. I haven’t in years. They’re just numbers.”

Khloe also blamed her negative body image views on the media comparing her to her sisters.

“I never thought I was fat until the media told me I was fat,” she told the magazine.

The Hulu star said she’s now at a point where her fitness has become part of her lifestyle and is a form of therapy for her.

However, some believe Khloe may have taken her weight loss regimen too far.


In an episode of last season’s Kardashians, Kim shared their family’s concern over Khloe’s weight loss.

“You look very skinny,” she told Khloe during an episode of The Kardashians.

“Not that I’m trying to out them but Kendall and Kylie did say that they were a little concerned for you because you look really skinny and I said I think she’s a bit stressed.”

Khloe struggled to suppress a grin and said, “And Kendall said it? The model? Wow.”

Kim went on: “I said, ‘No guys, it’s fine.’ I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned but I’m telling you, she’s fine’.”

Khloe appeared to celebrate her sisters’ concern, lifting her leg into the air and doing a little dance.

In a later episode, Kim was slammed for boasting that Khloe looks “skinnier than ever.” during a Met Gala fitting.

Khloe was filmed wearing a corset as she got fitted by designer Jeremy Scott and his team for the annual fashion event.

Kim commented: “You’re skinnier than ever.”

Jeremy, 47, then chimed in: “Your measurements are smaller than the models that would do the show so you should know that that little waist is teensy itsy bitsy.”


The TV personality’s weight loss transformation is thanks to her intense workout regimen and diet plan.

During the week, Khloe does high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and focuses on either cardio or pilates.

Her routines maximize weight loss while simultaneously building her strength.  

Khloe’s daily diet plan is low in carbs and high in protein, which suggests she eats in small portions multiple times during the day.

Fans theorized that her weight loss was due to her heartbreak over her former baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 31, and his love child scandal.

Although the exes are the parents of their four-year-old daughter, True, and their baby son, their relationship took a turn for the worst when the Chicago Bulls player fathered a secret love child named Theo.

When he was supposed to be in an exclusive relationship with Khloe, Tristan had an affair with his ex-mistress, Maralee Nichols, in 2021.

Instagram/Khloe KardashianKhloe has dropped a significant amount of weight and often posts about her workouts[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/KIM KARDASHIANOn a recent episode of Kardashians, Kim told Khloe she ‘looks very skinny.’[/caption]

GettyFans attributed Khloe’s weight loss to Tristan’s cheating scandal[/caption]

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