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1000-Lb Sisters fans think Tammy & Amy Slaton’s sister Amanda is the ‘most authentic’ as star handles siblings’ drama

1000-Lb Sisters fans think Tammy & Amy Slaton’s sister Amanda is the ‘most authentic’ as star handles siblings’ drama

1000-LB Sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton have a half-sister named Amanda Halterman, and fans rallied around her as she’s crowned most “authentic.”

In a popular 1000-lb Sisters forum, a fan asked an interesting question to the rest of the users.

Instagram1000-lb Sisters fans were asked who their favorite family member is from the show[/caption]

TLCThe overwhelming majority of responses said they loved Amanda Halterman[/caption]

The thread was titled: “Favorites/least favorites on the show?”

The user starts the thread by writing: “Interested to see who everyone’s favorite/least fav characters are. I absolutely LOVE Chris. I think he’s hilarious! And, it does truly seem like he’s the glue that holds their family together.”

They go on to say how much they like and respect Amy for trying to better herself for her and her children.

The user also wrote a long paragraph about how much they dislike Tammy’s attitude towards her family and therapy.

The post ends with: “As a note, I’ve read some stuff from people who have been following them since before the show and mentioned Chris about him not being supportive, and this being a money grab, but it’s reality TV.

“It’s all a money grab. So, when I watch reality TV shows I don’t formulate any opinions based on background information, just what I see in front of me.”


In the comment section of the thread, there were multiple comments stating that Amanda was their favorite family member from TLC the show.

One said: “Amanda is the most real and most authentic, she doesn’t seem to ham it up for the cameras she just calls it as she sees it.”

Another wrote: “Amanda is absolutely my favorite. I love her honestly and she is so beautiful inside and out.”

A third chimed in: “My favorite is Amanda. She seems to be the only one with any common sense.”

Someone else said: “Amanda is my favorite. She’s the only one in the family that has a spine but is also there for everyone she loves.”


Last month, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Amy and her husband Michael Halterman have quietly split after five years of marriage.

They have also been secretly fighting over their two children for months, a source previously shared.

The couple is at odds because Amy wants her children to be on the reality show, but Michael doesn’t want them anywhere near it.

Amy and her two sons have been staying with Tammy, who recently got out of rehab, but Amy is struggling with being a single mother.

Thanks to a source close to the family, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Amy has grown frustrated while caring for her children Gage, two, and Glenn, eight months, without help from Michael.

A source has claimed Amy has been “struggling emotionally” with the split from her husband.

The U.S. Sun confirmed with the Union County Clerk that Amy has still not filed for divorce from Michael.

TLCFans said Amanda was the most authentic and real family member on the show[/caption]

Southern Indiana Combat ProductionFans seemed to have mixed feelings about Tammy, Amy, and the rest of the siblings[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/amyslaton_haltermanA source claims that Amy is struggling with being a single parent after she left Michael[/caption]

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