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Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss posts then deletes apology caption after she’s ripped by fans amid cheating drama

Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss posts then deletes apology caption after she’s ripped by fans amid cheating drama

VANDERPUMP Rules star Raquel Leviss has posted and then deleted the caption on her controversial apology amid cheating drama.

Her social media apology came after she apparently filed paperwork seeking a restraining order against Scheana Shay.

BravoVanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss posted and then deleted her apology caption[/caption]

GettyShe issued a statement after her affair with Tom Sandoval went public[/caption]

On Wednesday, several days after the cheating scandal news broke, Raquel, 28, finally broke her silence.

She took to her Instagram feed to share a long apology, saying that she is carrying serious “regret” over the affair with Tom, 39.

Raquel said in her statement that she is taking time to focus inward, writing: “I am reflecting on my choices, speaking to a counselor and I am learning things about myself such as my patterns of codependency and addiction to being and feeling loved.”

The apology got fans talking, but not for the obvious reason.

When the Bravo star initially shared her note on Instagram it featured a strange caption that included several emojis.

After facing outrage from fans over the decision, she went back and deleted the caption but not before it was shared on Reddit in full.

Raquel faced major backlash over the caption, with one writing: “I’m an emoji user and hate that she used them lol.”

Another commented: “Can’t she read the room? This is clearly not the time or place for emojis!”

A third fan wrote: “Caption is giving: ‘I’m sowwwwy.’”

Another commenter wrote: “The emojis in the caption ruin it for me.”

A fifth critic chimed in with: “Using emojis is unreliable cringe. It immediately invalidates the message.”

Another added: “Not the sad eyes emoji.”


Raquel’s apology kicked off with: “I want to apologize for my actions and my choices to Ariana, my friends and the fans so invested in our relationship.

“There is no excuse, I am not a victim and must own my actions. I deeply regret hurting Ariana.”

She went on: “In the time since this came to light, I am reflecting on my choices, speaking to a counselor and I am learning things about myself such as my patterns of codependency and addiction to being and feeling loved.

“I have sought emotional validation through intimate connections that are not healthy without regard for my own well-being, sometimes negatively affecting others and often prioritizing the intimate connection over my friendships.”

Her statement continued: “I am taking steps to understand my behavior and make healthier choices.

“Although I chose to be on a reality show accepting the good and bad that comes with it, beyond my own actions, I have been physically assaulted, lost friendships, received death threats and hate emails in addition to having had my privacy violated.”

Raquel concluded: “I have begun counseling to end my unhealthy behavioral cycle, learn to set stronger emotional boundaries and learn to protect my mental health.

“I don’t expect sympathy, understanding or forgiveness. Right now I must focus on my own health and well-being and as I strive to be a better person moving forward, I will prioritize my mental health and learn from my mistakes.”


On Tuesday, TMZ broke the news that Raquel had gone to the courts seeking an order of protection against Scheana, 37.

The outlet noted in its report that the filing came amid reports that Raquel and Scheana were involved in a physical altercation.

They were close friends prior to the bombshell revelation.

Rumors of a physical fight between them have not been confirmed, though Raquel did mention an “assault” in her apology.

She did not name her alleged attacker, however.

Additionally, it’s not clear if the rumored fight is what led Raquel to seek court-ordered protection.

TMZ noted that it remains to be seen whether a judge will grant her request.

If an order of protection is put in place, Raquel and Scheana will not be able to film on the same stage or in the same place.

The Vanderpump Rules reunion has not yet been filmed and the show is still gathering new footage capturing this scandal.

Page Six previously reported that Raquel and Scheana were together as the news made its way through the Vanderpump Rules cast about Tom’s infidelity

“After taping Watch What Happens Live, Scheana and Raquel went out to drinks with friends,” a source said. 

That’s when, according to the source, an emotional Ariana called Raquel looking for answers.

Scheana inquired about the situation, at which point Raquel allegedly spilled the beans to her gal pal while still on the phone with Ariana.

After her confession, an argument allegedly broke out between Raquel and Scheana following a heated confrontation.

“A heated confrontation ensued following the revelation. They went back to the hotel separately and haven’t seen each other nor spoken since,” the source said.

SplashRaquel claimed she suffered in a major way in the wake of the scandal[/caption]

GettyTom and Ariana had been together nearly ten years before calling it quits[/caption]

GettyAriana and Raquel were close friends[/caption]

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