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Today’s Sheinelle Jones answers her phone mid-interview for surprising reason in shocking moment on morning show

Today’s Sheinelle Jones answers her phone mid-interview for surprising reason in shocking moment on morning show

TODAY’S Sheinelle Jones has shocked viewers after she paused an interview to take a phone call while on air.

The 44-year-old shared her multi-tasking skills during Wednesday morning’s broadcast.

GettySheinelle Jones shocked viewers when she answered the phone mid-interview on Wednesday’s show[/caption]

NBCSheinelle took a call from her son while on a boat in the middle of the ocean[/caption]

NBCSheinelle laughed at the moment with her colleagues, Jill Martin and Dylan Dreyer during the show’s third hour[/caption]

Sheinelle reminisced over the moment while hosting the show’s third hour with meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, 41, and Lifestyle contributor Jill Martin, 46.

Jill was the first to “call out” her colleague for making the unexpected move during a pre-taped segment.

The TV personality was on a boat in the middle of the ocean while filming an interview with Janet Days, the first Black woman named commanding officer of Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval base in the world.

However, at one point, Sheinelle stopped the interview to answer a phone call from her 13-year-old son, Kayin, regarding his soccer practice.

In a clip from the interview, the mom of three was seen sporting a life vest as she relayed a message to her son about his soccer practice.

“Hey, your soccer practice is canceled. Soccer practice is canceled. I have to go,” the TV star quickly told the teen.

The ladies laughed about the incident at the studio, with Dylan jokingly commenting: “I’m surprised you got service out on the water.”

Sheinelle then explained that she had to help her son, who was trying to get to practice on his own.

“This is what we do. We’re juggling all over the place!” she added about going into “mom mode” while on the job.

The anchor shares Kayin, and his 11-year-old twin siblings, Uche and Clara, with her husband, Uche Ojeh.


Elsewhere during Wednesday’s episode of Today, Sheinelle joined her co-hosts for a special workout segment.

The crew worked with celebrity trainer Ngo Okafor for what he referred to as a “10-minute hard-boiled egg workout.”

“If you have 10 minutes, you can get a great workout,” he explained.

Everyone started participating in the intense exercise routine, even getting on the floor to practice on the mats.

While the hosts moved their bodies, a 10-minute egg timer was set so that they could enjoy hard-boiled eggs when the segment was complete.

During the workout, Sheinelle asked her producer: “Are we out of time?”

She received feedback from a producer that the hosts needed to wrap it up.

“Oh, we’re out of time. We’d better hurry,” Sheinelle said before returning to the mat to complete her workout.

When the exercise concluded, the group was rewarded with a tray of sliced hard-boiled eggs.

Meanwhile, Sheinelle apologized to the audience as she dropped her egg on the floor.

“Honestly, I thought we were taking eggs and squeezing them or something,” Sheinelle joked.

Ngo suggested starting a pot of water to boil before beginning the routine, with the idea that at the end, the boiled egg would be ready to consume.

The hosts then tried to go to a commercial break, but Sheinelle was still worried about her egg.

“I lost my yolk! There’s a big one somewhere,” Sheinelle said as she looked around the set.


Meanwhile, veteran meteorologist Al Roker, 68, corrected Sheinelle on a silly on-air mistake involving Girl Scout cookies.

As part of a Consumer Confidential segment, NBC News Senior Consumer Investigative Correspondent Vicky Nguyen stopped by to discuss what people should buy before April to save money.

In addition to tax software, Vicky suggested buying Girl Scout cookies.

Al walked over to a table of cookies and asked Sheinelle what kind she liked before handing her a bag.

“I like Samosas,” she said.

Al couldn’t help but laugh as he turned to Sheinelle and echoed her remark.

“Samosas?” he giggled while Sheinelle leaned back, cracking up.

“I mean Samoas!” she said while Al pretended to look around through the cookies.

Al teased: “I don’t think we have Samosas.”

Sheinelle couldn’t stop giggling as she tried to regroup.

“We called them ‘Caramel Delights’ when I grew up,” she said.

The hosts couldn’t stop laughing at Sheinelle’s faux pas as they continued the segment.

NBCElsewhere in the show, Sheinelle participated in a workout with her colleagues in a segment with celebrity trainer Ngo Okafor[/caption]

NBCShe then ended up apologizing for dropping her hard-boiled egg that she received for completing the workout[/caption]

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