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Today’s Jenna Bush Hager ‘stunned’ after husband Henry jumps to save woman from choking during their night out

Today’s Jenna Bush Hager ‘stunned’ after husband Henry jumps to save woman from choking during their night out

TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager has shared a story about her husband’s quick thinking when the pair happened upon a choking woman.

Jenna recounted a story about her husband, Henry Chase Hager, to co-host Hoda Kotb on Thursday’s episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna.

Jenna Bush Hager shared a story about how her husband Henry saved a choking womanNBCThe pair had been dining out together when Henry spotted someone who couldn’t breathe.Getty Images

Her story was about how Henry ended up saving the woman while the family enjoyed a night out together to eat dinner.

“I always sit with my back to the restaurant,” Jenna explained. “Henry is facing out, and all of a sudden he says, ‘That woman is choking!’”

She told the rest of the story as Hoda listened intently.

“He gets up, he runs over, and he gives a woman the Heimlich maneuver for 10 minutes — 5 to 10 minutes,” Jenna explained.

“Being on this show, I was like ‘Someone call 911!’ and I kind of knew what to do.”

Jenna mentioned that other men were helping Henry, and it was a major spectacle.

“He thought it wasn’t working, and he was saying ‘Guys, keep going, keep going, keep going! And she survived! 911 arrived and she survived.”

Hoda exclaimed: “Oh my God! Holy moly!”

She asked: “The Heimlich is something that, at different places, this is how you should do it. How did he know or remember how to do it?”

Jenna replied: “Well, he was a Boy Scout. He was an Eagle Scout. My mom always said ‘I dreamed yo uwould marry an Eagle Scout. People were saying, are you a doctor? He said no, I’m an Eagle Scout.”

A similar event happened to Jenna’s father in the ’70s.

He had jumped off the podium and gave her the Heimlich maneuver and saved that woman’s life.

Jenna recounted that story proudly as well, clearly beaming about her family’s prowess when it comes to saving those who have been choking over the years.


Meanwhile, Jenna called out her co-host Hoda Kotb for gaslighting and scaring her during a friendly competition.

The hosts went head-to-head on Wednesday in a special game called Who Said It in honor of International Women’s Day.

The playful showdown took place during the show’s fourth hour, where Jenna, 41, and Hoda, 58, matched famous quotes to the female icon who initially said them.

The ladies took their places at their podiums while Today‘s contributor Donna Farizan doled out the quotes and the three possible icons to choose from.

While the anchors seemed confident in their abilities to start, Hoda quickly pulled out in front, dominating her opponent.

After Jenna incorrectly paired the first quote with its famous name, Hoda calmy swooped in with the correct answer.

Jenna looked stunned by her colleagues’ knowledge, though she brushed it off to focus on the next question.

She again buzzed in before Hoda but was skeptical that her co-host had no answer.

“Are you just, is this?” Jenna stuttered while pointing the finger at her co-worker.

“I’m just quizzing you,” Hoda responded, but Jenna still wasn’t convinced.

“Are you gaslighting me on International Women’s Day?” Jenna asked before giving the correct answer, tying the game.

Donna then asked Hoda if that was the answer she was going to say, to which she confirmed: “Yes, I was.”

Jenna, with a nervous look on her face, while gazing in Hoda’s direction, admitted: “I don’t know what your strategy is.”

The mom of two responded with a smile that her calm demeanor was her “new strategy,” which put Jenna on edge.

“Your strategy is scaring me,” the 41-year-old replied.

Hoda ended up sweeping the competition 4-1 and was gifted a megaphone as her prize.


This wasn’t the first time this week that the co-hosts called out one another for their actions while the cameras were rolling.

On Monday, the pair hosted a hilarious new segment with a group of farmers from the dating show Farmer Wants a Wife.

The men attempted to teach the duo how to lasso a rope, but their confidence waned as they got closer to the activity.

“By the way, I’m from Texas, but that does not mean I know how to do this,” Jenna confessed.

But Hoda quickly interceded, snapping back: “Well, that is not what you said in the break room. You said you could do it in your sleep!”

“That is not true. I said you’re gonna be good!” her co-star quipped back.


The TV stars revealed intimate details about their close off-screen bond on Wednesday morning.

The strength of the friendship between the two women emanates on screen and drives the show.

They discussed their closeness in an interview with Hello magazine.

The pair noted that Today with Hoda & Jenna would not work as well without their friendship.

“Without it, we probably wouldn’t be able to do the show the way that we do,” Jenna said.

She explained that they are also at the “same stage of life” and are “interested in a lot of the same things.”

The mom of three added: “The other day, we had a three-hour drive from Montreal to Quebec City, and we talked the whole time.

Jenna explained that Henry began giving the Heimlich maneuver to the womanNBCOther men joined in to help and eventually the woman was saved before paramedics arrivedNBCJenna recounted a similar tale about how her father also saved someone from chokingNBC

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